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I know I haven't been around ArtMetal for awhile and felt a need to communicate with the community on what I've been up to. Especially since I just finished witnessing a friend passing from this reality and watching how the local community responded to his passing.

See, I've been spending a tremendous amount of time developing, researching, and producing multimedia content to share with other like-minded people on the web. It all started when I was touched by the Apu Putucusi (mountain deity) in Machu Picchu while giving blacksmithing workshops in Peru. You may say that I had "an awakening" - a realization of how each of us create our realities.

There seems to be a lot of darkness engulfing our world. War, the economy, greed, and many other words that describe the predicament which seems to surround us on a daily basis is draining the goodness which each of us have. Maybe, just maybe, if we each start to pull the veil of darkness to the side, we can see that each of us has the ability to create something much different than what is being perceived.

This is where the CreatorsDream concept comes into play. Each and every one of us has a divine spark within us. It is mostly hidden because of how we have been raised from early childhood. The nurturing of the ego is a two-edged sword which has caused most of the turmoil mankind has experienced since s/he has been on this planet. Once we realize that the Creator is within, and that we can allow a mutual relationship with him/her, then the journey begins.

I don't want to get carried away with my diatribe! I do however want to express my gratitude for all the friendships I've acquired on ArtMetal and my responsibility to let those friends know that I haven't gone off the deep end and that I am still around. I also want to invite you to watch a video I produced of an amazing artist/musician that recently passed away.

I met Kevin Brock while doing another documentary on an enlightened hooper. I filmed Kevin at various locations throughout the summer and had just finished reviewing some of his footage three days before he died in his sleep at the age of 37. Kevin initially astounded me with his unique percussion melodies. As I got to know him better, I realized that he had something which brought goodness and light to everyone he came in contact with. He found a way to communicate with the Creator. Thing is, he is just like you or me - human.

Watch the inspiring film "Kevin Brock - Touching the Creator" on the CreatorsDream.tv web site. Or, if you want to find out more about what I've been up to, go to my blog at CreatorsDream.com.

Note that I do read much of what you folks are writing about here on ArtMetal. I just haven't had much time to contribute. However, I have noticed that the community is very alive, and it's very interesting watching all of you grow.

Thank you all for sharing yourselves and your craft!

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great project and site too

Very nice project and site. 



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Knock, and the door shall be opened....

Hi QuiQue,
My sad old computer wouldn't let me experience but a snippet of your videos, however I think I got the gist.Our Creator has given us gifts that we don't even realize we have. We must explore and discover them.Our intent often channels our powers in a very wrong way. I believe that that is why the earth is such mess . If everyone would simply wish for good to others, all would change to the Creator's intent and healing would be instant. My own illness taught me that.I had "prayers" by many come my way and could actually feel the power of concerted good will.I am still disenchanted with traditional religion and its demands, but see that we must realize our Creator not simply "believe". We must realize the power we all have and more important shape the effect with good will.

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Prayers, when done with

Prayers, when done with "intention" are very powerful. You are right in doubting traditional religion because it too has fallen to the sickness of greed and power in its root causes. Thing that traditional religion hasn't taught is that the Creator is within the individual. The established religions seem to desire to keep control of us by teaching us we must follow them for our salvation.

I think you also hit the nail on the head when you said believing is not enough. We must "know" this intuitively. The process goes like this. Hope first, then believe, and finally know it.

Thanks for your thoughts. I know you know Frank! I see it with your creations in metal!

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God is limitless. It is our

God is limitless. It is our expectations of Him that are limited.

Thank you for making the video. To hear another artist express what i feel is encouraging. It's difficult, as a visual artist, to verbalize ideas, concepts, beliefs. Kevin telling of his motives and inner perceptions were so right on and hit so very much home with me.

I would highly recommend reading Dr. Wayne Dyer's "Inspiration Your Ultimate Calling"

Guthrie, MN

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I am glad the film hit home

I am glad the film hit home with you Paula. For me, hearing you say that gives me the greatest value I can receive from creating these documentaries. My desire these days is to cause a triggering effect on the viewers of these films. If I can get the viewer to relate and to help open their true selves, then I have accomplished something that may help all of us live in a more suitable reality then the one we are currently living in.

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Hi Quique, It`s funny that

Hi Quique,
It`s funny that probably many of us would like to mention all these things you`re talking about, but this is a Metal Work site! We all agree on that; curiously though most of us won`t talk about those issues out of this site either, because we may be on another site, every day`s site,on our culture site, on our selfish site, or on our only materialistic pursuit site...on and on, helping turn our world in a disgusting, and soon impossible place to live. There are signs beyond doutbt that speak for themselves. No, it`s not just Irak, or oil prices, or SEPT. 11th, or global warming, or the comunists, or now the global financial crisis, no, it`s all that and more! In my believe man has gradually become greedy, detructive,nonsense and very unhappy just to mention some traits. Sadly, some of us are so uncounciously brain washed, that at heart we could justify "scientifically" all the events taking place on earth and beyond. If we looked into all the missery and destruction taking place in the world, we`d find lack of values and much unjustice underlying most of our actions. Today man`s goal is pointing more towards having than being. Meaning "having" possesing material and ego feeding modern man inventions. And "being", refering to what`s so precious about human beings: the great expiritual potential within all of us to become better during our short transit on this earth. Not to say tecnology, freedom, enjoyment of the fisical, etc, is evil, no, the problem is the extend to which we take it, forgeting altogether our esence, and true values to achieve peace and real happiness. Seems that the more materials we possess, the emptier and thus unhappier we become. The key to all this, is love.We got to make a turn, things got to change. Nature and all its forces at play as is happening, will make us change. Hopefully, won`t be long before mankind forcefully will realize that love for our planet, and for "ALL" our fellowmen is what will bring peace and long lasting happiness. Sorry, I`m an awfull preacher. Just thought I let my concience speak up. Peace and love to all. Nelson.

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Nelson, I hear what you are

Nelson, I hear what you are saying about appropriate content for the site. It is the main reason for starting a completely separate site for what I am doing. However, I do want to mention that the ArtMetal site encompasses art. And what is art but the expression of creation. Bringing into reality that which is not.

I added the OT: YAK group so that we could talk about things that are OFF TOPIC. We all need to sometimes speak/write about things that are not necessarily metal related.

As you said, the energy of the current reality is on "having" and not "being." Westerners are leading the pack of me, me, me. I know that when I was in Peru, the thing that stood out for me was the importance of family, sharing, and the desire to help others in need. Sure, there is much of the western ideals being implanted there. However, if those folks would look beyond the glitz, they would see that they have something much more valuable than what we can offer with our merchandising.

BTW, you are not a bad preacher. I can read between the lines and get the full story.

Thanks for sharing your self!

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Hi Enrique, I find it ironic

Hi Enrique, I find it ironic that this subject has come up now. I just had an opportunity to talk with an old friend and was telling her how much my perspective has changed over the past 8 years. I have to admit, 8-10 years ago i was very focused(substitute selfish here if you want)and determined to be a fancy pants artisan and successful businessman. After 8 yrs of life/business/crisis/political nightmares and people just being pricks I just want to find a nice place to spend the rest of my life with that special someone and surround myself with honest and decent people that try to do decent things for this world. I get so upset at how hard it is to try to do nice things for people or the community without ending up getting screwed by someone trying to capitalize on it. The world has most definitely turned ugly. I find it funny, and satisfying, how much I've been "tempered" over the past few years(and yet, have a long ways to go). Too bad it didn't happen earlier, but better late than never I guess.

Jake Balcom
Mettle Design
Lincoln, NE

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Thank you for sharing Kevin's brief but encompassing life. Enrique , you are an amazing man and I really hope we can meet one day...(soon). It's funny because this weekend I was upstate working in my studio. At night there's no entertainment and I'm by myself so I watch YouTube a lot.
I was just watching your video on the workshop in Peru and I'm in total admiration of what you are doing.
I love the Creators site and will take time to read through it.
I feel I have always had a very blessed life...recently I've had some personal issues to deal with that have been very difficult ( I can't discuss now). I was having some seriously bad thoughts.
I suddenly realized that my husband and our creative work is the most important thing to me. And maybe that's why I have recently upped the process. I am truly inspired. I know a lot of people will be feeling the effects of the up-coming 2012....Hopefully we will all come to our spiritual revelations. The other thing that keeps me totally balance is martial arts....I hope also to spread good energy to those around me through my work . Sorry!!! I'm going on+ on.
Again , thank you for everything you have given us here at ArtMetal!!!! SteelyJan

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Here, here Jake! I

Here, here Jake! I understand what you're saying. Thing is, you've seen the change, and many others are seeing the change. "Tempered" is a good word. My son once said, "Things sometimes have to get real ugly before we can appreciate the beauty of life."

I see now that the Mayans knew all too well the cycles of this reality. They called for an end of this cycle in 2012. I know there are some very ugly things that are yet to come. However, I also know that what is past this 26,000 year cycle is going to be glorious. My hope, belief, and knowing is that a new beginning where the spirit or divine spark that is within us will again be able to express itself as it should.

Count your blessings that you have awakened to what is truly real and worthy of your attention.

You are on the right track Jake!

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QuiQue, First, sending my


First, sending my condolences to you. I am deeply sorry and saddened to hear of your loss. It's always a difficult thing to understand the reasons why those we love, and are truly moved by move on from our time space reality.

I can see that your time was truly well spent with this young Artist, and how he deeply touched your life. His talents are inspiring and his legend will live on through the vibrations of his music.

Second, Congrats to you in your accomplishments. Your passion for the visual arts has led you down a path where you have been able to learn, and connect with those who have been able to share their wisdom and wonder in their creations.

Third, to have the opportunity to be with the two men to shoot footage and watch both talents merge is so powerful. Your footage displays each man doing their own authentic thing that makes them unique, and the connection and the energy locks as a whole.

I was deeply touch by both interviews, and was taken back to when I had been through some tough times, and didn't know where I was going with my life, and found some books by Don Miguel Ruiz-The Voice Of Knowledge, and The Four Agreements, as well as others, which relate to the conditioning, the mind chatter(fear), and the creation of our individual story.

These books were so powerful, and the message really is about being you...the "Authentic You." Loving who you are the way you are, and being true to that, always. I think both men hit on this in their own way, and were brought to this point doing what the inner voice of their heart spoke to them.

Thanks for sharing the content...it came at the right time.


Jamie Santellano

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I really appreciate that you

I really appreciate that you have taken the time to see both videos I have produced for CreatorsDream.tv and that you see a similarity in the message I am attempting to focus on. I am learning that there are many of us who are coming to grips with the fact that there is more to us than the ego. There is a place for the ego mind you. Just not as much as the advertisers of products want you to believe.

One thing I love about the ArtMetal site is that most of the folks coming here are searching for a way to express the Creator from within. We go through the process of mastering the craft so that we can create works of art. What I have found personally throughout the years has been the difficulty of expressing or connecting to my divine spark or Creator.

When I get deeply involved with my projects, I have had little tiny glimpses of the Creator. The biggest problem I have run into is when my ego (pride of authorship) gets involved. I say to myself, "Wow, isn't it cool what I just created?" What I should of been concentrating on was, "Wow, isn't cool how the Creator just spoke through me and we jointly created this wonderful work of art?" There is a fine line, or distinction, that I am becoming aware of which focuses on the union with the Creator instead of little ole' me.

Glad to have shared and shared alike...

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I'm sorry, but I have to ask

I'm sorry, but I have to ask a bit more on the subject...

After watching the two interviews I felt a sense of common feelings as the two men, and yourself were touching on.

So when Baxter mentions his blindfolding himself to block out what others "could" be thinking, and at that point of shutting out the insecurities he was then able to move into his own vibration (which is connected to the divine) he was able to get into his authentic self and in connection with the creator learned many things about self hence "enlightenment."

Now I've spent several years searching for the divine outside self. Living in the fear that if I didn't follow societal teachings then I was the outcast, and would not be accepted. I realize now that that came from a conditioning that was influenced by those close to me as a child, and that that was coming from their judgments, fears and insecurities.

I was told I could never live as the Artist I wanted so badly to be...QuiQue that was the one thing I was truly good at. Math...forget it I could go on, but the point that I'm trying to get at is when I honed in on my innate divine given talents things started to change.

After practicing things like the law of attraction, and reconditioning my mind to a more positive light, I realized that I could be what I wanted...the ego I get and how it can get in the way just as Kevin mentioned, but isn't being excited about the things you accomplish and being aware part of the divine helping us to see that we have so much more power within than we realize?

Insecurities and fear are the things that truly hold us back from being the authentic self that we each are here to be...Bliss comes from those moments of focused attention, and so focused ( on the things that make one happy) like Kevin said he doesn't even really feel as if he is the one moving his hands over the drums, but there he is going with it...in the zone...no insecurity, no fear...

I see these moments as mankind with so much power from within that nothing is impossible. It's all right here, and right now...not the past or the future. Yes, I agree there is a fine line, but there is much more to the "you," so maybe it's good to see the greatness in you and the divine moving through you?...

Please share...

Jamie Santellano

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Jamie, I am really glad that

Jamie, I am really glad that you are making a conscious effort to understand what the hoopla of life is all about. You are hitting on the essentials by identifying fear as something which holds us back. When we boil it all down, there is only fear and love left.

I believe you have a real good handle on your life and what it takes to feel fulfilled.

Do the things that bring joy into your heart.

Know that you are on the right path and make the choices which lead you in the direction you desire.

Be the person that you desire to see in others and you will find that they too will become the person you desire.

Realize that we all share the Divine spark which created everything that is in this reality.

Understand that the Creator divided itself and gave individual choice so that s/he could experience all that is.

In essence, we - the ego, get to play with the Creator and have the ability to see all that is through his/her eyes. An amazing gift has been bestowed upon each and every one of us.

It's in sharing our experience with the Creator, and not taking full credit in authorship that we find the "awe" of life. Literally breath taking!

Thanks for sharing and for your openness!

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Okay one more time...I had

Okay one more time...I had one of those Aha moments when the light shines through the darkness! In my head of course LOL!...I see what your saying...it's really about the love and letting the gifts play out as they are meant to...the focus of creating the "it," however, what ever it may be, and releasing the EGO...the focus of making "it big," the conditioning of outside forces..the ones that make us "think" we need to claim big.

I guess if we could let go and let the spark within fire-up on it's own time the true dance will begin. As they say, "When the Student's ready the teacher will come"...

Thanks QuiQue for staying with me on this one. I am truly inspired!

P.S. I'll be tuning into the videos again! Thanks for sharing them.


Jamie Santellano

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I had a photography friend

I had a photography friend many years ago that we use to argue as to where the value of the art we create is shown. He stood fast that the value was in the final work of art. I, on the other hand, always maintained that "IT'S IN THE PROCESS!"

Looking back now, I realize that the "process" always shows in the final piece. The process of living in the moment, conscious of the moment, regardless to what we are doing, brings us closer to experiencing creation. The completed work of art will reference the process in which it was created.

Dancing with the Creator as we create each moment is likely to be the ultimate experience we can have. I long for that experience. Funny as it may sound, I seem to only experience it when I am not looking. Isn't that something? I think Nelson's comment on another post about the innocence of children is directly linked to the "God Experience."

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ego = Edging God Out Maybe

ego = Edging God Out

Maybe it isn't so much that we are trying to express the Creator, as it is that the Creator is trying to express through us. It is our ego that block that flow. If we can just get out of the way and allow it to 'just happen'.... the joy/bliss is being used in such a way. It's a form of meditation. Creating artistically is a way of communing with the creator..... i think that is what Jason was referring to in your interview???

My two cents...
Thank you again for your efforts!!
Guthrie, MN

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That's the Right...The

That's the Right...The Tao...Dr.Wayne Dyer...

Jamie Santellano

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;) Here's something of


Here's something of interest along this same thyme

saw this a few months ago, and bill moyers played it again. This is inspiring!

Guthrie, MN

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Paula, I too thought ego

Paula, I too thought ego edges God out, but after interviewing Kevin, and listened to what he was saying, I now realize that there is a "dance" that we can enjoy with the Creator. This dance is an interplay which does allow for the individual (ego) to connect with God. Allowing the dance to take place and being able to watch it while it is occurring brings the REAL reality into play.

The connection is there. All we have to do is to see it in its true nature.

... yea right! So if its so easy, then why haven't we been able to do it?

It's part of the game! Actually, I should not be the one to give any advice. I'm searching just as everyone else is. We're all in this together.

Let's see if we can enjoy the ride!

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I have to say...I love the

I have to say...I love the way you have put it...a "dance" with the Creator. Well said!


Jamie Santellano

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Amen to that Paula Guthrie,

Amen to that
Guthrie, MN

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Joan Oct 08Joan Oct 08 I have posted a outline of the events leading to Joans passing to the order side.Joan My Life Partener: I have posted a outline of the events leading to Joans passing to the order side.Hello To All,
Your words QuiQue are very deep and are close to me at present as my wife of over 22 years passed away on 1/12/08 and she was a great believer that you can creat your realality with your thouths. She helped me to expaned my bleifs and mother earth. At the funeral I could feel the love from all the other people who attended and this certinuly has confirmed to me what she used to discuss with me about her beliefs all had meaning about love. My roll now has changed to care for our two children Hayden(18) and Holly (16). I may not be able to communicate or contribute for some time however I have been enriched by the people on this web site and thank you all.
Love Michael.

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Hi Mike, Sorry to hear about

Hi Mike,
Sorry to hear about your wife death. It`s a very a very difficult time as we all know. God will give you strength to carry on . Peace and love . nelson.

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BLESS YOU, Joan, Hayden and

BLESS YOU, Joan, Hayden and Holly! Bless all with heavy hearts. May the sorrow be lifted and may your soul be filled with the joy and understanding of what it means to be alive and to share ourselves with all that is.

Thank you for sharing yourself Michael!

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Thank you for all tha t you do!

Hi Qui Que,

I am not to philosophical with most people, probably because I have an unorthodox point of view.
None the less, I am a firm believer in the spirituality and the power of the Human Spirit.

I was saddened to hear of your friends passing.
I am always in awe of talent no matter the venue.

As time goes by in the my life I have come to realize how fortunate we are to have the ability to express ourselves Artistically.
I have always wanted to express myself in a way that might touch someone else and perhaps someday I shall.
It sounds like Kevin did this in a most profound way, which I find most admirable.

I have been fortunate enough in my life to travel and see many different cultures.
One thing we can always be sure of is there are those who believe in themselves and their inner Spirit and those who do not.
I am a person like the majority on this site who enjoy the freedom of expressing their art in a positive way.
I enjoy viewing what others have posted and communicating with them to enhance my perspective and my Craft.

I thank you for allowing all of us to share, Art and individual perspectives on this site.
I will always remain open to new thoughts and Ideas.
I will listen, watch, admire, and critique our vast array of ideals.
I can only hope that the day comes when people will act out in way that helps us all become more in touch with who we are.



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Chucky, Chucky, you amaze

Chucky, Chucky, you amaze me! Your words are filled with authenticity. It's really good to hear you talk this way. Speak your heart and it will not fail you. It may cause some discomfort, but in the end, you will not be disheartened.

thanks for sharing your true self!