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The first workshop I have given in my studio has come to an end. I have to say that it was a true pleasure giving this workshop, not for the money, but because of the students, their individual projects, and their enthusiasm. The course, which was held on Saturdays at my studio and lasted seven weeks, brought friendship, understanding, and learning in the form of hands-on metalworking and camaraderie.

The "Creative Metalsmithing" workshop specifications required each student to design a table top within a 16" diameter area and to include a "penny scroll" and hand forged leaf in their design. They also had material size specifications which they could choose from. Everything else including design and the table legs was left up to the individual. I demonstrated the specified techniques and then worked with the individual on techniques which would allow them to realize their project. I believe this approach to training is the best way for everyone to receive individual instruction and for the group to learn from each other.

There is so much that these students learned. I want to share with you a photo album of some of the techniques they used and the resulting hand forged wrought iron tables they made. Please take a few moments to view the photo album. Note that the best way to view the photos is by following the link on the photo album page to "start slideshow."

I want to send a heartfelt "thank you" to Tamara, Chris, Donald, Lucas, and Wayne. It was a true pleasure having you guys in this workshop! Note: If you are interested in taking future 3-day weekend workshops contact me so that I can put you on a mailing list for future workshops. The reason for the three day weekend workshops is to allow interested students from various parts of the country to attend. Please include your email, contact information, and your desires for accommodations. Each workshop will be limited to six students.

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I started backwards.....

Thanks for sharing your studemts workshop with us... I have taught a few odd friend to weld and also my neighbor's fourteen year old son is learning with me now. I love seeing the awe when they actually build something.My child prodigy made a sculptural candlestick holder and he has become quite a celebrity amongst his friends and family. It's a good feeling. Put me on your wait list also my husband Walter who has previously taken a class in Mass. with a blacksmith (weekend forum). Hopefully it would fall at a time when we could come down Janet R.

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Hands on workshop

Mr. Vega
I wanted to thank you for the class you gave over the last two months. I learned so much and feel honored you allowed us into your shop and shared your knowledge and your tools with us. While I have a small smithy in the backyard, I was not doing much more than banging on hot steel. Now that I have been taught the basics of mortise and tennon joinery, upsetting, riveting, creating a penny scroll and all manner of other things I feel like their is nothing I can not create now. I must admit the table I created is the largest blacksmithed item I have created to date, next I plan to make a coffee table along with a wraught door (Security door) for my workshop.

PS Thanks again, for anyone out there considering taking one of Mr. Vegas workshops I would strongly encourage it. I learned more in the last 7 weeks about using the proper tools and procedures than I ever imagined. The ability to ask what a particular tool was used for and then get a small demo or instruction was priceless.

Chris Williams

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It was a pleasure teaching

It was a pleasure teaching you Chris! Your energy and enthusiasm, not to mention you ability to whack hot iron, brought an excitement to the class. I hope that your coffee table will pull from the design of your end table. Please do post pictures of it when you have completed it.

I also want to welcome you to our social networking web site. There are lots of talented people here that are eager to help with any questions you may have. ArtMetal is a great place to also get feedback on your projects. There's a vast amount of metalworking knowledge available from the community. Don't hesitate to ask. 

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Thanks for the slide show,

Thanks for the slide show, QuiQue!

You obviously are a very good teacher. Your students' work is all different, with no indications of "the master's hand" in either the designs or the executions. That's a tough thing to do, particularly when dealing with relative beginners or those who have not yet developed their own styles. Congratulations. I wish I could attend one of those workshops, but distance prevents it, at least for now.


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Thanks for the kudos Rich! I

Thanks for the kudos Rich! I learned a lot from giving this workshop and it seems that my course intentions worked out. One of the things I wanted to make sure I did NOT do, was to force my design style on the students work. That was the reason for having the students design their own tables with only a few parameters that would make sure that they all got the experience of some of the basic blacksmithing techniques.

As to attending a workshop... wouldn't it be cool to have a big ArtMetal conference over in your neck of the woods. What a vacation that would be! And for the professionals, a tax deduction to attend the conference. Well, maybe some day we can realize this... 

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congrats to all

Hey QQ

Congrats on obviously a well run and well thought out format for a workshop.  Congrats also to your students, all the tables look beautiful.  I hope they are all proud of their work. 



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Thanks Lynda, I know I'm

Thanks Lynda, I know I'm proud of the students accomplishments. I think they too are happy with their results.

I hear you will be hosting the next ArtMetal Shindig. Glad to hear it will be in the beautiful North Carolina mountains! Close enough that I can attend. Let me know if I can help with the setup. Have you gotten a date set yet? 

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You had a well thought out

You had a well thought out plan and the student work shows it. I think too often students don't have a vision, a plan, an idea let alone bounderies and so flounder without accomplishing anything they feel proud of.


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E, I'm a lil

I'm a lil behind.........better late than never.

I really enjoyed seeing the outcome of your class. The students did some excellent work. And I know your all proud. Loved the slide show,and seeing some of the processes of each project.

And I'd like to welcome the new members to the site. GOOD to have you all with us.