Designing a Wrought Iron Chandelier

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Chandelier Preliminary Sketch
This is a preliminary sketch of a chandelier for a client. I thought I would share with you one of the commissions I am currently working on. After communicating with client about her desires for a chandelier, some of the revealed points of interest to use in the design for the chandelier are; curvilinear/nature theme, leaves which will tie into a double tree trunk dining table design which will be under the chandelier, and the leaf design will also be incorporated into the railings which are in the same room. Now that I know that the client loves this design, I will be adding further details to show the actual light fixture, and lighting which will be added to the lower cluster of individual leaves.

The original idea I had for the lower cluster was to have individual hand forged leaves between the main arms of the chandelier. I then started thinking about adding some small individual lights within each of the leaves. Something that doesn't put off too much light, but kind of like a pen light. I know there are some new types of lighting that will fit this criteria, but since I am not a lighting expert, I'm not sure where to look or what to call this type of lighting. If you know anything about the various types of lighting currently on the market, I would love to hear from you.

After the client looked at this design, she is now asking about the possible use of colored crystal glass within the chandelier. I think this is doable, but again, since I'm not sure where to get the crystals for the chandelier, I don't quite know how this will be implemented.

Any help in finding sources for the crystals will be appreciated! Now to go to google and see what I can find. Stay tuned to see what the final design will be.

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Lighting notions


I would think that some of the light-emitting diode (LED) lighting that is available would do about what you want. Super low current drain so it can be wired with hair-thin leads, yet it puts out a decent amount of lumens. They're available in pretty good colors these days, not just the old red and blue of the past. Some of them go up to five watts and put out enough light to equal a good-sized spotlight. I'd check with an electronics parts supply house to see what is available.

For the crystals, I'm mostly stumped, unless you can find something at one of the big craft stores or Pier-1 type places. I mean, crystals are so last-year, y'know? (grin)

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Adding LED Fiber Optics to Chandelier


Thanks for the feedback! I have been doing some research on LEDs and found a UK based business named that has some cool products. What I've decided to use is their CoolFusion LED projector along with an 80 tail fiber optic loom. What this is going to do, is give the client the ability to have any color within the light spectrum shown on their chandelier. By adding a controller, they will even be able to have the colors change with music! I'm also planning on putting clear crystals in front of the fiber optics so that they will refract the colored light. I think it's going to look real cool!

I'll hopefully post some additional information as I get closer to finalizing the design of the chandelier.

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Glad I could stimulate some

Glad I could stimulate some ideas for you, QuiQue. I'll be interested to see the finished chandelier. Should be pretty cool, for sure! Great idea on the projector and fiberoptics.

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Keep us updated on the

Keep us updated on the fiberoptics. Ease of use, possibilities and all that. Sounds like something fun to play with.

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It does look like it is

It does look like it is going to be some fun! The client has accepted the change order to add the LED lighting and as soon as I get the next progress payment, I will be ordering the lighting from UK.

Can't wait... I'm excited! Cool

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led lighting

That is a sharp website. Have you got something picked out, or are you just going to try some stuff?

Rick Crawford at Smoky Forge

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Yea, I'm going to get the

Yea, I'm going to get the CoolFusion Projector with the 80 LED fiber optics and their controller. Basically the whole shebang listed on the link above.

Gonna be interesting! I think... Undecided

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Don't know if you're still looking but chandelier crystals sell down here for $3 each at the Canton Flea Market. I just bought a couple, they come in different faceted shapes. Great chandelier design, your work is always inspiring. LED's are an interesting alternative. Looking forward to seeing finished piece. I am trying to figure out the lighting now for my outdoor sculpture using solar lights. Of course, there's only so much light available unless you go with a massive panel and that's just not an option, so that's the downside of using sun power. I am thinking perhaps a combination though...Cassandra

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I'm going to get my crystals

I'm going to get my crystals from Never bought from them, but they seem to have quite a collection of them and a variety of prices. Some really nice ones for less than $1.

I'm not a lighting expert, but I do know that LED lights use much less power than standard lights. Seems to me you could use a mix of solar power with LED lights. Maybe you can search with google and see what you get.

I hope that you will share pictures of your outdoor sculpture once you get your lighting and all set up. I'm looking forward to seeing what you're up to! 

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Solar lights

Hey Cassandra,
I run lights outside. Three small, but exceedingly bright lights off a 6x8" solar panel. I have found that in the last year or two, the ligh output has really increased in the solar world. About time...

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Your rendering

My name is Tracey Turner. I saw your rendering while searching for images to inspire me for my upcoming launch of a social purpose website. I'd love to use the rendering and would give you due credit. I'm launching this with no capital...but I believe you will be very pleased with the usage. Please let me know.