Chris Ray Wheel Chair for Frosty

Artist Inspiration

Chris Ray Wheel Chair for Frosty I was going through my picture catalog and came across some old sketches that Chris Ray made while the artmetal mailist was in one of its story telling times. This was probably ten or so years ago. If you want to learn about the artistry and creativity which Chris possesed and shared with us go to his website here at ArtMetal.

BTW, Frosty drives snow plows up in Alaska. Can anyone remember what the wheel chair thing was all about? I know I have several wheel chair design sketches that Chris made.

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Chris Ray's wheelchair for Frosty

I think Chris was just lookin' into his crystal ball and seeing the future . . . and figured he would get it all set up while he could. Who else coulda known Frosty would need a wheelchair with a snowplow attachment down the road a ways? Heck, how ELSE is Snowgoose supposed to do the plowing at home? And I'm sure the little trailer was for toting Frosty's little goats around . . . right?