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Sculputer Friends

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There's are my sculpture friends to the left is my friend Channel Man and to the right Tube Dude. they are my best friends like all my peices they have personailty and they love me as much as I love them. Making metal art is fun.

Atlas and the fire hydrant cap

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Atlas is the second peice that I have made in this style. His strenth and endurance has given him the image of a god who's punishment was for the good of humans and to teach a lesson for anyone who defyed Zeus. I think Zues wanted to make sure the god and humans stopped making babies. So he had to wait for the right moment to point the finger and appoint the strongest and the most lively cannidate to bare the vault of the sky on his shoulders.

Ready to Do things the right way!

Spend a moment or two reflection on these two questions: What could you possibly lose by treating each day as a gift with childlike wonder? What might you gain?

all thoughts are welcome!

You lose nothing, therefore gain all that is offered in life.

The Gang all comming together!

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Here are my first, these are my signature, for MMW* all these have been made with no heat, gas, or machine, Just my hands(with gloves always), a vice, an anvil, and a pipe fitters wrench (monkey wrench). Oh yeah and my best friend ARChie'

Hard Core Metal Band!!!

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Please visit and tell me what you think. my site has been running and the theme always changes!

What in the weld is MMW???

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I have live in Rhode I sland for most of my life, if you live in Providence, or work near by there is a chance that you have seen me, I walk every where and I have been many place in this state alone. I am not your avarage person but if you have seen me chances are that we made eye contact and I never forget a face, but to thoes on the other side of the planet and just floating in cyber space, here are a list of web sites I have personal and professional profiles to be view by anyone. The real 'me' is in my art and who I really am is product of my family's love and god blessing wrapped up in a nutty shell with a soft inside for a soul. Check out the sites if you are looking to futher you knowledge of what is behind all that you will see here a MystrosMetalWorks***

Welcome Me! and hello to everyone!!!

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Hello everyone I am new to this site and I just wanted to say this is my dream come true. Finding an online artist community that make metal the way I do, Bless you all for your talent and keep on smithing.

My first and my most prize possesions


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