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Drum Player

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Monkey Fun

Hi Moti,
It looks like you had fun making those drummers, I like them.That tank in the background looks dangerous!

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Moti, Nice to see you post


Nice to see you post some recent work - I like it. Thanks for sharing with us!

I agree with Frank that tank looks scary - is that an acetylene cylinder that is actually in use in that position? If so, that is very dangerous as you will draw off the acetone the acetylene is dissolved in and risk a potential catastrophic failure of the tank (explosion) as well as trashing your hoses and regulators. I get pedantic about safety things on this forum, I know.


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oxygen tank

I think if you look close it is the wrong dia. I think it is an oxygen tank....

Mike wolfe

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Mikie, On further


On further examination I do believe you are correct. The bottom is wrong from most acetylene cylinders, too. Thanks for pointing that out, makes me feel better!


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Thank you Frank Castiglione,

Thank you Frank Castiglione, Rich waugh, and Mike wolfe, for your Care and comments! The tank in the back ground is an Oxygen tank.