Metal art is my newest hobby

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Well like many metal enthusiasts before me, I am new to metal art and new to this site. My initial plan was to get into plasma cutting using a CNC table, but all my hard research is making my head spin. so I think I'm going to stick to freeform plasma cutting. I actually feel a bit better about that and think that I can be more creative (although don't get me wrong, when I see the lovely signs, gates, and other images that are done on a cnc table I still would love to have one, it's just that the cost isn't for me at this time.)

I just completed a backyard welding course from one of our local lifetime welders. I used the acetelyne torces and the stick welder for the very first time and wasn't overwhelmed. I only stuck the welding rod to the metal the first time and never did it again! so I'm ready to start practicing and creating any time now. I haven't bought my plasma cutter yet as that's a larger purchase and hopefully I'll have that in the next few weeks. I have a page written down of creative ideas that I'm just dieing to start on. I'll post some pictures whenever I get going.

So please keep posting all your great work as this helps to inspire me further.

Very best regards from Metal Momma from the great Ottawa Valley, Ontario Canada.

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You go Metal Momma... I

You go Metal Momma...

I think you will love your plasma cutter. My older website has some stuff I sold for many years on it that's all cut out of 18g cold roll steel and welded together with a MIG welder. Have you tried MIG? I know I am Very biased, however, for what it sounds like you want to do, MIG is the way to's basically a large glue gun.

Good luck and happy playing with metal!

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Learn CNC Plasma Cutting Tutorial

Hello Metal Momma,

Check this out for an intro into CNC Plasma Cutting:

That should add to your swimming head a bit. I have been CNC Plasma Cutting my Art for a while. I got into it basically because of the wrist strain from manually cutting.

Have a good one,
Ivan Irons

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Nice to meet you, I am new

Nice to meet you,
I am new to this site also and I think you will really like it. Lots of great people. I agree with Kimberli, MIG is the way to go, I'm still working on getting an acetelyne torch. I only dream of a plasma torch. Can't wait to see your creations!
Mele Miller

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Thanks for the kind words of support

I had looked into just about every plasma table out there and there were days that I was 'definitely' going to buy this model, then there were days when I was 'definitely' going to buy the other model - so that's when I decided that I wouldn't buy any model and just wait patiently to get my Miller 375 or 675 (not sure which size to buy yet). I know that everyone says go big or go home, so I may end up with the 675 for my art work.

I also have a Miller 140 MIG welder quoted as part of my purchase, so I'm sure that I'll enjoy that too! (did I tell you that I'm also starting to get my real estate license? just a bit busy these days, but you gotta love how much fun I can have with providing my new home buyers with my individual pieces of metal art! :)

Metal Momma - metal art everlasting

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Metal Momma,Coming from

Metal Momma,

Coming from someone else who has a real estate license, if I could only have a plasma (which I love), or a torch, I would take the torch because I can cut lovely designs, braze, and heat, bend and shape metal. I've also used it for other things, but we won't go there...

Good luck and welcome!


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Torch Metal?

Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to view and or purchase your art. Please email me at

Thank you for your attention...DaN