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Dog Sculpture Continues

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Further progress on the dog sculpture. Its been raining here all week AGAIN. However, today I was off work and the rain stopped, so I got myself set up to do the casting this morning. Below are pics of the results, but first some pics of the shell application.

Something quick in wax

A small sculpture about 8cm high in wax. This is a test piece for something bigger. I have a plan to do a few hundred of about a dozen types and cover a plain wall in them to create the effect of a rain storm. I think they will work best in cast glass. But this one will be in bronze. I am struggling to think how to mount this when finished, ie what shape, material base etc any suggestions.

Work from 2009


 Reclining WomanReclining Woman

 Pole Dancer 1
Pole Dancer 1

 Pole Dancer 1Pole Dancer 1

Bronze casting

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Hello I'm new to the site. I have been sculpting and casting bronze for just over a year and am enjoying it considerably. I have put together a website in the hope of selling some of my work. I have joined this site to share my experiences and learn from others with more experience. I am UK based and am finding it very difficult to get supplies of silicon bronze. If anyone can recommend suppliers of this alloy in the UK I would be most grateful.

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