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couple of new jewelry pieces

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I assisted a jewelry class at the folk school (John C Campbell, Brasstown NC) last week during which I got to finish a ring and do a pin for a friend - she's having chemo & the slogan is inspired by her husband's t-shirt.

bending mica


I have a lighting commission that was going to use glass shades, client has just asked me to investigate mica which I have not used before. 

I need to shape the shade into a either half cones or shallow troughs that would be closed at both ends and I have seen mica curved for lighting but have googled forming & bending mica sheets but can't find any info ....  any pointers very gratefully received!  Can you form it with heat or hot water, will it drape over a form?

wave & tendril railing

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Couple of snaps of parts of a railing we pre-fitted last week.  The woodwork is yet to be finally sanded so we have not permanently installed, the railing had been sitting in the shop finished for 2months & we had to go and discuss lighting fixtures so it was a good opportunity to snag the railing too.  Hauled the darn thing up and down 3 flights of stairs and having to re-pack the truck with it didn't feel all that great but it went in just like it was supposed to so can't complain, now its under plastic in the shop till the wood's finished.  Will look better with it's walnut cap rail.

Exterior clear finish


We have recently tried clear Permalac on some exterior ironwork and it seems to be holding up well. The pieces were not heavily forged, more bent and a clean wire-brushed look was what we were after.

Fluted volute scroll forging

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Railing Design - Corner detailWe’ve got an L-shape railing underway where the corner will include an element facing diagonally outwards, kind of like a ship’s figurehead and here are some pics showing the start of that element.

branch railing

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branch railingsThis is a railing that we installed July 5, so guess what we were doing on the July 4 'holiday'??!!!

Need to delete an image

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How do I remove an image from a gallery. I just did a blog and selected an image to put in the blog in error then cancelled & chose the correct one but now the incorrect one is already up in the gallery.

gate design journey

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This project was lower down on our client's to do list than exterior railings and door hardware, but after having designed both, we got to a situation where the railings and door hardware were, stylistically, a million miles from each other the gates assumed primary importance.

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