Corten steel scrap source?

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Hi Steel folk,

Not sure if this is the right group for this question, but:

I'm a massive amature working on a project that requires small pieces of corten steel. I live in NYC and am working with an welder who isn't familiar with this material. So far, he's only found a source for giant sheets of the stuff, which is impractical on many levels. Wondering if anyone has any ideas about where I could get my hands on smaller stuff, like, of a size I could put on the myself...


Thanks a million—such a relief to find this site!


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Melody, Sorry to say, but


Sorry to say, but steel is a poor material for a retaining wall. Unless you use stainless steel, (expensive) almost any steel is going to have some corrosion issues when in direct contact with wet soil. Bronze or copper would be much better, but they are also very expensive in thicknesses sufficient to retain earth under compaction. What I'd suggest is using concrete and facing it with metal such as copper or stainless steel. That way you can use much thinner sheet at a greatly reduced expense and greater ease of fabrication and still have the ability to retain an embankment.

If I knew more about your particular situation I could make better recommendations, but what I have given you is generic advice. If you're determined to use steel, follow Daedalus' advice and look onto one of the marine steels that have high corrosion resistance. Make sure that whoever does the work knows how to work with the particular material, proper filler material, etc. A backyard welder can quickly turn the finest corrosion resistant steel into a pile of rust by using the wrong filler material or contaminating the surface with free iron.


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anybody needs anything on corten look up They know everything about!! There website doesnt have much on it but just call they will help you.