I love my PlasmaCAM

Look, I realize everyone has an opinion and everyone considers himself an expert in one way or another, but there's just no denying the effectiveness of the PlasmaCAM. I've owned my machiine for five years and not once has it failed me. It's user friendly; it's precise; and most importantly, it allows me to create things I once thought to be impossible. I'm not saying the PlasmaCAM is perfect for everyone, but the success I've had from it certainly speaks for itself.

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That's all well and fine,

That's all well and fine, but you haven't told us what sort of things you actually use the PlasmaCam for. What size stock, what material, complexity of detail, how many hours of work per week; that sort of thing. Information that would be of value to someone considering the purchase of a PlasmaCam or other CNC plasma cutter.

The original PlasmaCam thread generate so much traffic and such vehemence (as I know you're aware, since you posted to it in the past), that blanket statements such as "I love my PlasmaCam" don't add much to the discussion, any more than a comment to the contrary. The devil is in the details, as they say. We want the details! Pictures would be even better.

I bring all this up because one of the prime reasons for ArtMetal's very existence is to share information of use to the metal working community. It would seem that you might be in a good position to bring some god information to us and I hope that you will.


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like. well stated Mr. Waugh.

well stated Mr. Waugh.

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Actually...the thickness

Actually...the thickness capacity of the PlasmaCam (or any other cnc plasma machine) depends on the plasma cutter that is installed. I currently have a Hypertherm Powermax85 on my PlasmaCam 4 x 4 machine.....and a Powermax45 on my Torchmate 2 x 4 machine.

The PlasmaCam has been used for materials between 26 gauge (galvanized steel) and 3/4" (carbon steel) and just about everything in between....including aluminum, stainless and copper. The Powermax85 plasma can pierce to 3/4" or can edge start and cut about 1-1/2" steel.

I do everything from metal artwork.....to automotive and truck parts....to structural steel components on these machines.

Both the Torchmate and PlasmaCam machines that I have are what I consider "entry level" plasma cnc machines....as they are extremely low priced when compared to the industrial class cnc plasma machine offerings! My PlasmaCam machines sells (without the plasma cutter or computer) for about $6900.....equipped with the Powermax85 and a standard desktop PC...it tops out at about $10,300. The Torchmate equipped similarly in a 4 x 4 size would be slightly more.

I'll try to post some pics of parts cut with these machines.

Jim Colt jim.colt@hypertherm.com
wall hanging drawn from photo, cut with Hypertherm Powermax45 plasma on PlasmaCam cnc machine. 12 ga steel.wall hanging drawn from photo, cut with Hypertherm Powermax45 plasma on PlasmaCam cnc machine. 12 ga steel.3/4" steel lifting lug, cut with Powermax853/4" steel lifting lug, cut with Powermax85memorial wall hangings, 16 gauge steel, cut with Powermax45memorial wall hangings, 16 gauge steel, cut with Powermax45