Pewter Repouse and Casting - how to patina pewter

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I recently immigrated from South Africa to America, where I am now enthusiastically setting up my small artisan business again. In South Africa, pewter repouse and casting both are very popular, and I was able to find products used for these crafts easily. I am trying to find a good solution to use to patina pewter - both a black patina and also a copper patina. I was using a weak nitric acid solution for the black patina, and copper sulphate for the copper patina on pewter, but am really not sure where I can track these down here in America.

Any ideas or suggestions? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!



Mermaid pewter keyring by Liza Paizis


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Try one of these? The PB1

Try one of these? The PB1 works for me. Also available from Sculptnuveau.


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