More Butterflys

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butterfly wind spinnerbutterfly wind spinnerButterfly BushButterfly BushI was inspired to make a butterfly bush and liked the butterflys so much that I made a table top wind spinners with more butterfly. They are really pretty in motion. LIn

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Hi Lin,
I think both of your butterfly sculptures are really kewl. They awoke pleasant memories of seeing these lovely creatures dancing playfully together on a breezy summer day. Do you make a bunch of butterflies at one time?

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Hi Frank, I would do a big batch, but my plasma cutter is on the fritz and I am cutting them out with my oxy rig. What a pain. Not as precise and more clean up. I liked your hint about joining on the top and bottom. I spend too much time cleaning up inside corner joints. I have a tendency toward overkill on my welds. Lin

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Lin, I can't really tell


I can't really tell from the photos - how is the glass held in the steel butterflies? Do you fit it in a cutout and then solder to the steel to retain it, or do you copper foil the glass and then lay it over the opening and solder it in place? Or some other method I haven't thought of?

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stained glass

Hi Rich, I cut the glass to fit as closely as I can, grind the edges with a diamond round to smooth them, copper foil and flux, then use 60/40 solder on both sides. The copper foil has no strength but the solder does. If you soldered only one side, the piece could be pushed out from the unsoldered side. The technique works very well on thin steel but if your steel is thicker and you need the solder to meld with it you have to pre-heat the steel. On the large outdoor pieces I do, I often silicone the glass in place. This is more important with large pieces of glass that might crack if fitted too closely. Lin

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Thanks for filling in those

Thanks for filling in those details, Lin!