Finally finished


She took forever, but is finally finished! She's about 3 1/2 feet tall, so about 3/4 scale. I decided to clear coat her after following the threads and deciding mild steel is going to rust eventually. Hopefully she will find a home indoors and won't rust.

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Stephen Fitz-Gerald
Got a picture?

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My computer and I don't always see eye to eye! The photos are posted under recent images titled Watch Me Fly, my fillies full name. Lin

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I knew I saw the size, that is larger than I thought, WoW Bravo!
What does it weigh, how much wire did you end up using, it amazes me sometimes.

www Metalrecipes -- heat and beat to the desired shape, repeat as necessary.

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finally finished

Hi Warren, great to hear from you. I think she is about 60 lbs. I used most of two 11 lb rolls of wire, a couple tanks of shielding gas, and more flapper disks than I want to think about. Lin