howz businis

Hey all,

How's business? Frustrating here in LA (lower Alabama)

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Well, for me it's been

Well, for me it's been really frustrating lately. Too many things going wrong, too busy, money not good enough, etc. I could whine for days on end, but nobody wants to hear that!

I went out Monday to install a railing job and the damned thing didn't fit! I still haven't figured out where I went wrong on the measurements and neither could a contractor friend of mine. We made a wood template (should have done that in the first place) so I can re-do it to fit properly. That's just one of a number of issues here in Paradise.

You're not alone, Kevin.

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OUCH! I feel your pain.

OUCH! I feel your pain.

My first rail was my biggest to date, and paid biggest to date also ( it covered the bill for the birth of my son and then some). I made a template cuz I've never trusted myself with that kind of stuff and low and behold... while measuring I pulled one measurement from the noseing of the 1st tred to the back of the last tred. When my numbers didn't match up it blew my mind. Because the template was there I finally found what it was that I had done. Without it I'd have done something wrong, no doubt. Since then I've all ways used em.

Take heart, too busy is my favorite problem to have.


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January always sucks !

It's that time of year again, and this time the economy's shot to pieces as well! Not much going on.
I did go to look at a little job today that turned into a massive job, but I don't know how much they'll like the price tag.
I feel your pain Rich....I've had a few jobs.....normally little handrails going down steps- that I thought I'd measured to the nth degree that still came adrift somehow. Got one in the paint shop to fit that I'm praying will do as it's told!
Will Jones

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How well I know, Kevin.One

How well I know, Will.

One thing this little debacle has driven firmly into what I laughingly call my mind (or what's left of it, anyway), is that on ALL future railing jobs, should I lose what is left of my failing faculties, I will absolutely, positively make a template before I do anything else. No more trusting measurements and plotting points, period.

A template is such a simple device - if it fits, the work will fit. I has learnt my lesson, as Pappy used to say!

I hope things come together for you soon, amigo.


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work load

Mike wolfe

I have been lucky and have had a steady flow of small jobs..
I feel that people are still holding on and just waiting to feel good This time of year has always been softer but in this economy its a who knows..

As a quick question how do you include photos in some of these threads....

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Mike, There's an "add image"


There's an "add image" icon at the bottom of the text entry box or you can click on "enable rich text" and that panel has a camera icon that allows you to upload images to the server and then insert them in posts. It takes a couple tries to winkle out the intricacies, but I know you'll get it. Keep the picture file size to under 200K or it won't upload well, if at all and gobbles up the server space. I usually try to about 100-120K.

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I'm glad for you Mike

I'm glad for you friend.KevinW

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Good luck with that massive

Good luck with that massive job Will. Hope you get it AND its akin to that leafy looking outside job with the critters hideing out in it. Pannels inbetween stone columns as I recall. That was a very cool one.

WHat kind of finish was on that one?