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howz businis

Hey all,

How's business? Frustrating here in LA (lower Alabama)

nature study

Blue berrysBlue berrys

antler chandelier


Delevery time for the big-un.

5' x 7' antler chandelier5' x 7' antler chandelier


Hey Yall,

I'd like to share some pics of my 'antler' chandelier (the antlers are of 1 1/2" pipe), but, the program I had to resize the pictures has vanished from my computer. Any suggestions for a free program ?

Floor lamp / sand trick

floor lampfloor lampCopper, steel, and mahogany floor lamp.

What to do

Hey All,

I've got this magazine article ;
out and am looking to those of you in the Know how to make something like this work to chime in! (steely)

jelly rail

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hot tendralhot tendral

Bronze Questions


Hey friends,

If all goes well I'll soon be commisioned to make some sculptural newl posts and railing in bronze. I've only used it for cap rails and have never forged any.

It sounds like forging the silicone bronze is fun and I'm wondering what the working temps are and does it show color at those temps. Does it get contaminated by tools/abrasives that have been used on steel?

oxy/acet stainless welding

Any advice on welding stainless with a torch, would it work? Also, localy stainless is labeled 304/304 L ,or, 316/316L . I understand the L to designate lower carbon content ~ better for forging. It

in the barn

chandelierchandeliermalletsmallets2nd tier2nd tier

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