OT: Sandbox YAK

Oh my god!!!!?

My wife was "playing around" at the studio with the camera. Now I have my own channel on youtube.

Is anyone else doing this? Do I need to do this? No laughing please!!!

I might as well give you all this

Go ahead, tell me what you think,, maybe I can get Mary (the wife) to take it down...

Later Kevin.

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Enjoyed Your Videos!

Hi Kevin,
Enjoyed watching your video. It's fun to have a commentator . I think that works well instead of the artist just talking. Fun! I decided to join Youtube and maybe I can get someone to photograph me in the studio. It's great to watch. I absolutely loved your fountain! Were those all welds forming the crossing patterns which the water runs over!
If so alot of welding....nice! Thanks for sharing and inspiring! Janet R.

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Hi Janet

It has been fun watching your gates come along. I can only hang my head and laugh (at myself) along the lines of mis-measureing, bad startoffs and just generaly "Off" days in the studio. The scrap pile out back is the only proof of how often that is.

Yeah, all the cross hatch on the surface is hand welded. (god my back was sore) On the up side I have become a rather good welder because of all the long runs. I also found the duty cycle limit. Was trying to get a little more water noise out of the flow.

It also helped to control the water has it made its way around the corner. I would soak the bare steel with WD40 and run the fountain for a few seconds to see how it flowed.

Dry off the water and draw the hatch marks and weld. Try it again and make adjustments as needed. The welds are alittle taller on the outside of the curve to help control the speed of the water.

It all sounds like I know what I am doing but truth be told, there was a lot of head scratching/banging along the way.

Well, off to the studio.

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Great to see another

Great to see another YouTuber LOL enjoyed the vids....even subbed to your channel.

here's mine, FWIW.


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It's cool you're getting

It's cool you're getting into the "new media" kick on the Internet. YouTube is great for putting up your videos. I've been working in the background to bring more video to ArtMetal. Everything is still in the works so I can't say to much, but the future for video on ArtMetal is looking good...

Video is the way to go with our visually oriented craft! Nice to see you in your works space! Keep at it Kevin!