That new metal smell...

Ok! This is my first blog and my first step into the wonderful world of metal working! I've been creating metal sculpture designs for years now but have never picked up so much as a soldering gun. Then I asked myself "why?" I said "well self of your only reason is that you don't know how to metalwork, why not learn?"

That brings me to where you are reading. I looked online but in my area there are no available classes without enrolling in an architecture course or advanced arts program at the local universities.

I now begin my journey in teaching myself how to metalwork

Wish me luck!

Ps. Uhh, does anyone know what tools I'll need to start? Lol

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well metalwork is a pretty

well metalwork is a pretty open field. It can cover everything from sheetmetal to iron forging. A little more info would be good. You mentioned soldering however so maybe a solder gun, flux, solder. Perhaps some metal sheet like copper and you'll need some snips and maybe a hammer to form it. Thats probably a pretty minimal list but enough to get started with. A torch would be good but now your getting into expensive stuff. Have fun.

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Welcome to ArtMetal,

Welcome to ArtMetal, Kaylyn!

For a complete beginner, I think the best place to start is to get some very simple tools and start off small. If you stick with working with 16oz copper, you an do so with nothing more than a pair of snips, a Bernz-O-Matic propane torch, (don't bother with a soldering gun as that is far too wimpy for jewelry or sculpture work) some flux and either plumbing solder or silver solder. You'll want to pick up a soft firebrick or charcoal block for soldering on and various grades of wet-or-dry sandpaper for finishing. A small ball-pein hammer, on the order of 4-6 ounces head weight and a steel block about 1"x3"x3" as a bench plate and you'd be all set to make simple jewelry and sculpture. Other tools can be purchased or made as you need them. The first "specialized" tool I'd suggest would be jeweler's saw frame and blades, available form places like SantaFe Jeweler's supply, Rio Grande, Otto Frei, etc. Check them out online and you'll begin to drool immediately. (grin)

Get a book! Check the online used book places like for used college jewelry and silversmithing textbooks. Rober Von Neumann's book is a good one, as is Sharr Choate's, among others. Older editions are cheap enough and have everything you need to know for right now. As you try more3 and le3arn more, you'll have specific questions and you can bring them here and we'll answer them.

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New Metal

do you want small or large
gold copper,steel,bronze,tin,
wire, plate,
drop forged, lost mold, casting, sand casting,

I myself the smell of Mig Welding in the morning.........
steel is great, .............plasma cutters are great, and oxy/actyl torch work is great also.............

I just went into a welding teacher and said I wanted to take his class
I just want some pointers and you use all the schools materials and consumables, metal etc.............and cart creating

Good luck
Mystic Artweld