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Hey, everyone. I haven't been actively on ArtMetal for a while, but I have been trying to keep up with the postings.

I have been making these hooks. I am not sure what is fair to charge for them. I am selling them mostly to friends and aquaintances.

 forged from steel, finished with brass brush, beeswax, and clearcoat.hooks: forged from steel, finished with brass brush, beeswax, and clearcoat.

I know it takes me a lot longer to make them than it take an expert, but I would like $10 apiece. Is that fair? I know a hook at the hardware store is like 99 cents! If anyone has input, I would be much appreciative. Constructive criticism is also welcome.

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Hi Julia You are making

Hi Julia

You are making local, quality hand made items, not mass produced imported stuff. There is always a market for that sort of thing. I have a friend who was selling similarly sized, forged drawer handles to a cabinet maker for $10, but that is in Australia.

The best way to find out is to put a $10 price tag on them and see what happens...

Good luck


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Put a ring through it and

Put a ring through it and call it a key ring or instead of the leaf, forge to a fine taper and wrap around the shank and sell to key owning fishermen. Anyway well done, the more you do the more ideas you will have and the more confidence to charge a fair price. If they dont want to pay $10 they dont deserve to have it, 'nuff said.

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Thanks for the input...we'll

Thanks for the input...we'll see how it goes :-]


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Yes. $10 is a good price.

Yes. $10 is a good price. I sell my hooks for $10 and they sell very well at that price......because something cool and handmade like that deserves at least that much! Here is a very important tip: If you make them even a little bit bigger, the PERCEIVED VALUE will be higher. Often it doesn't require much in material cost to make something bigger, however the customer perceives it as deserving a higher price tag.