WTB Simple Circle Shear For Hobbiest (Copper/Pewter)

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I am a beginner metal spinner in need of a small circle shear. I will consider anything that cuts clean.

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Jonathan,It would help us


It would help us considerably if we knew where you are. As this is an international forum, we have members from all corners of the globe.

If you're looking specifically for a radial-cutting circle shear, I'd suggest you look at Craigslist, ebay and other forums for selling used equipment. I've seen used Pexto (and similar) circle shears selling for as little as a hundred dollars. Be advised though, no shear will cut without leavin gat least a small burr that you will need to dress off with a file. The only way to cut circles that leaves no burr at all is with a waterjet or laser, but those are rather more expensive than I imagine you're willing to invest in this as a beginner.

If you want to spend even less, consider a hand shear such as the Unishear or Kett shear. Chinese knock-offs of these tools sell for as little as thirty bucks and will cut up to 14 gauge steel just fine, and radii as small as about 2" comfortably. Checkout Harbor Freight. With these tools you have to layout the circle and follow the line, but that isn't very difficult.

If you have a bandsaw,itis a simple matter to make a pivot-point circle cutting jig for it. A bit of searching on the 'net will get you plans online, I'm quite sure. I cut most of my discs on the bandsaw freehand.


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Good Luck


Good luck on finding a circle shear. I have been looking for years for one that I could afford. Most of the smaller manual shears are hoarded by the sheet metal car guys. Every now and then you will see one at a used tool auction but they go in the $2000 up range.
I have use one a few times, a little Pexto and it cut great. Lots better than trying to cut with a saw or any other type of shear.

www Metalrecipes -- heat and beat to the desired shape, repeat as necessary.

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Here are instructions for

Here are instructions for making a circle shear: