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My name is Johanne Brunet, and I am a self-taught jewellery artist from Quebec, Canada. I work from my home on the south-shore of Montreal, and I am the proud mother (if tired) of two teenage boys (15½ and 13).

I have experimented with all sorts of media during my life (acrylic paint, pencil and charcoal drawing, airbrush, a little plaster and papier mâché, and mostly lots of needlework, especially crochet).

I discovered wire crochet jewellery about 5 years ago, by accident (long story). I instantly fell in love with the technique, and I have developped a style of my own. However, in the last two years, I have made more one-of-a-kind wearable art than standard jewellery. I love to make crocheted representations of whatever I have in mind. I have made quite a few animals already (owl, dog, cat, horse, ladybug, fish, turtle, chameleon, sea horse, snail, peacock, etc.), using stainless steel, copper, sterling silver, 14K gold filled and brass wire in various gauges, incorporating gemstones, glass, pearls, fiber, leather and resin.

I have also made my two first sculptures in the last month, and I have had a lot of fun doing so. I will certainly try some more.

Here are a few examples of my work, made for a group project where the artists have to make a new piece each week for 52 weeks, with optional themes. Click on the images to get to the relevant journal entry for more details and bigger pictures. While you're there, please don't hesitate to check out the pieces from the other participants, you will like your visit, I'm sure!

Dandelion Brooch Jurassic Art - Snail BroochBreath of Life Pendant
Cumulonimbus BraceletHippodor Brooch

More can be seen on my bilingual web site as well as in my web log (in French, sorry).

I'm happy to join this community, and I hope that you'll enjoy your visit in my pages.

—— Johanne

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I love your work. My fav is

I love your work. My fav is the seahorse. I was born in Florida and have always loved seahorses.

Susan at Thornton Metals

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Thank you Susan! I have

Thank you Susan! I have been in Florida a few times, and I found it fascinating. The nature is so rich and beautiful!

Un Bijou de Caméléon
Wearable Art