abrasives anyone?

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I have bought different kinds of abrasives such as sandpaper from local DIY stores over the years.
Now I find myself wanting products like wet-or-dry paper that I can't always get locally.
I thought how nice it would be if I could find a one-stop-shop on the internet for my
abrasive needs and wondered what you guys liked or didn't. I've been using some Gator brand
abrasives lately that seem pretty good.
What I need mostly is strong sandpaper for cleaning scale off forged steel, but also what we use to call emory paper (cloth backing?) for tool sharpening on a disc sander or a 6"x48" belt. Also I use
a fair amount of wet-or-dry in various grades for polishing up aluminum parts on pedal steel
All suggestions welcome.

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Welcome to ArtMetal, Joe!

Welcome to ArtMetal, Joe!

I get a lot of my abrasives at http://www.trugrit.com/ 

For the 2x72 belts I use on my 2hp belt grinder, I tend to stick with brands like Norton, 3M and Klingspoor for the most part, though I'll buy just about any brand when it comes to 9x12 sheet. abrasives.

I live in the tropics, so I have to keep my belts in the refrigerator or the humidity kills the adhesive in the joints too soon.

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I get my abrasives

I get my abrasives here:


They have quality stuff and good prices (no Chinese junk). A fifty dollar order gets free shipping.

They have rolls of both Velcro and PSA backed paper in many grits, and also lots of cloth backed sandpaper. I use a lot of the Velcro paper on my 3 inch soft pad pneumatic sander.


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Thanks, guys. I'll give

Thanks, guys. I'll give those sources a look.

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All in one abrasives source

Try ACUTABOVE.com Great folks, lots of different materials and makers as well as other types of cutting, sanding, etc. items/materials. I HAVE BEEN USING THEM FOR YEARS AND HAVE ALWAYS BEEN MORE THAN HAPPY WITH THeir PRODUCTS, Suggestions, etc. Can't give them a higher recommendation.

John Dach
web site: http://www.MLCE.net

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Thanks, John. I'll give

Thanks, John. I'll give them a try. I was a bit surprised by their one page web site. Do they only accept phone orders or ??