A New Journey.... Repousse, Chasing and Enamel Work

I love creating almost anything!  There isn't enough time in a day to contribute through creativity.  Metal work is something I've been enjoying and repousse, chasing and enamel work is something I've become OBSESSED with.  

I need a mentor.  Anyone interested?

Don't really even know where to start.  What tools to buy, where to purchase them and who to purchase them from.  Chasing and repousse tools, stamping tools and the various supplies I'll need to get started.  Any suggestions?

I'd love to take some classes and live in the Los Angeles Orange County area.  Any input from others would be greatly appreciated. 

Namaste.... Jenny

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Jenny, Welcome to


Welcome to ArtMetal!  We have several members here who are proficient at chasing and repousse' - some may be in your area and willing to teach you.

One very good chaser in your area is Saign Charlstein.  He also sells tools and chaser's pitch through his website http://www.saignc.com/Home.html   I'd suggest getting in touch with Saign and see if you can set up some classes.  He has also published some great tutorials elsewhere on the 'net and he can direct you those.