Designs for a wax burnout kiln

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I am wondering if anyone has plans or suggestions for a wax burnout kiln? Currently we are using a kiln which is constructed out of an oil drum, which work well, but it is loaded from the top making it difficult to get the molds in and out of the kiln. Majority or the bronze sculpture object which we are casting are within 6"-2.5' in height, so I was thinking of a front loading design might be a good approach.


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kiln designs

bpfink  over the last 48 years I have made and used several designs of kilns for burnout including a rail track floor.  My current and also the most favorite system is to lift the bulk of the kiln off the molds with a shallow base unit and burner arrangement being the stable part.  A down draft chimney makes it also able to not be moving that segment and retains the heat better .

An early one was a 55 gallon drum kept outside and used a tree branch for the lifting hoist which was a simple rope and pulley system but my current one is large and heavy at about 1500 lb. ? with firebrick walls and roof in a segment of a discarded 1500 gallon steel oil tank end.  It uses an overhead electric hoist to do the same. In addition the hoist is on a rail to slide over and out of the way while loading. I love this one and will stick with it as it will do up to a 7 ft tall mold up to 42 inches in diameter.   Of course normally it is filled with a series of stacked smaller molds instead.  bpfink