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Well, things have been so busy! Most of you know that my Jewelry has been in Vail for a while now, and well this has been such an AMAZING experience. For the months of February and March my work was selling! selling! selling!
I was supposed to be apart of the Artmetalists group, but had to back out when the owner was in need of more pieces. By the way, Thanks Lorrie for all the work you did! The wall looks AWESOME! Everyone's work turned out really well! Good luck to all of you!

It's been a really great year with the Jewelry, so I've decided to go forward in creating a Catalog, and I'm working on a new website. It's been very time consuming, but well worth it! I'll keep you posted as things progress!

Here are a few pieces that are now over in Vail, Co. in the Artful Sol Gallery. Cheers! Jamie

 This ring was made from 16 gauge Sterling wire."Ring Of Armor": This ring was made from 16 gauge Sterling wire.

 Dangling Chains from soldered triangles made from Chain Mail."Goddess Of Temperance": Dangling Chains from soldered triangles made from Chain Mail.

Diamond Chain Mail Necklace/Star Jester Chain Mail Bracelet: Dangling Star Charms from Chain Mail diamond and triangle designs.Diamond Chain Mail Necklace/Star Jester Chain Mail Bracelet: Dangling Star Charms from Chain Mail diamond and triangle designs.

 European 4-in-1 (3) row Chain Mail bracelet with Star overlay Charm.Star Charm Bracelet: European 4-in-1 (3) row Chain Mail bracelet with Star overlay Charm.

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Congratulations Jamie! In

Congratulations Jamie! In this economy too. Sounds like the catalog will help you to really grow your business. I think the Star Jester is my fav of the pieces you are showing!

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Thanks Kimberli! You know, I

Thanks Kimberli!

You know, I had the same thing going on in my head...in this economy too??? What I've found, and most know is it's really important to be on track with the type of market you want to present to. Being in Vail has helped a great deal. At first I really didn't think that the jewelry would move in an Gallery...I greatly under estimated!


Jamie Santellano

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Hi Jamie and Congrats on the

Hi Jamie and Congrats on the business. The pieces look great as usual. I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "catalog". I caution you about about creating a book with specific pieces for sale, with or without specific prices, from which people can order from. Catalogs last a long time and they take away artistic flexibility that we have with our businesses, the more business the less flexible. If one style of jewelry hits the mark, you might be doing that same style for a long time, taking away time to experiment etc. The irony seems frustrating to me, lol. So far, I have not had any luck with a "product line", the numbers just don't work out as well for me as one offs do, but then i get bored pretty easy too, lol.

If it is more of a marketing self promotion tool, then I think it's a fantastic idea and i hope to do something similar soon. I envy the aggressiveness that you have in expanding your markets, you're really going after it.


Jake Balcom
Mettle Design
Lincoln, NE

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Thanks Jake for the

Thanks Jake for the advice!

I have been thinking about this for a long time, and have found that when I sell directly from my website I make tons more money than from the Gallery; however, I've also been struggling to keep up with the demand from the Gallery.

So the idea is to cast up some pieces mostly the Charms that dangle and things like that to save the time that it takes to cut each and every star charm out, and create from scratch. These I plan to sell straight from my website.

I will keep making one offs, but yes, I do need to market myself and expand to earn a better living...maybe at that point I won't have to juggle hair, the production of chains for another Co., and finally try to squeeze in time to create one offs.

I know what you mean about getting bored easily LOL! I do too! AHHHHHH!


Jamie Santellano

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Ya I can see your point.

Ya I can see your point. Castings and such that one could do fairly easily in bulk(once the prototypes and molds are made) make sense being in a catalog type setting, especially if there is a demand for it.


Jake Balcom
Mettle Design
Lincoln, NE

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Jamie- Great job!

Great job! Congratulations of your wonderful success.

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Thanks Rob! It's been good,

Thanks Rob!
It's been good, and a bit chaotic! LOL! One crazy roller coaster ride...

Jamie Santellano

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Good News

Great to hear from you and that you selling. Must be a good gallery with some traffic and good sales staff. Nice grouping of work. When you are selling at the gallery do you leave a portfolio of your work? Is that the type of catalogue that you are interested in?
Casting would help save some time but is not a cheap route. Too bad you do not have a press and a stamp and die to punch them out. Might be easier than casting the stars.

www Metalrecipes -- heat and beat to the desired shape, repeat as necessary.

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Hi Warren! Well, the Gallery

Hi Warren!

Well, the Gallery has all of my pieces now. I've got nothing left. I don't have a portfolio over there, but now that you mention it that isn't a bad idea. I may have to create one, and send it out to her.

Her staff has been great! We've been in touch at the very least once a week. Facebook has a great chat feature, so that has really helped with communication and our relationship.

I'll be meeting with her next month out in Santa Barbara. She's flying out on holiday to hang out with friends...

The type of Catalog I'm talking about is one that I can display a few pieces that I know are top sellers...these are the pieces I have found to be in popular demand. It gets to be a bit tedious cutting out those stars, and the Fleur De Lis each time one is ordered. It's those bits and bobs that take a lot of time. I make all my own chains so there is a lot of material making before I can actually start a project.

The purpose for the Catalog is to have it on my website like a store with the "bread and butter" line if you know what I mean. I will still be making my own pieces, but need to create more of an income, so I think this will help.

Your right Casting isn't cheap, but I have access to all that is necessary for the job. This is where making good use of clean scrap comes into play...saves on the fees for casting.


Jamie Santellano

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You go girl!

Nice work-I love star accents. I'm glad your having this much success, running out of "product" is a good thing.
If you should happen to get a piece, send it my way, and I'll get it in the show.
I've enjoyed putting together our booth. If I wasn't teaching full time and going to school part time, I could have made some more things for the show. Those pedestals Warren droppped off are really nice and have a very professional look to them. Thanks Warren.

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Congratulations Jamie! Good

Congratulations Jamie! Good to hear you are making a living at what you love. Loving what you do is probably the most important thing any living human being can do for themselves.

Go Girl!!!

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Thank you QuiQue, I

Thank you QuiQue,

I appreciate the support immensely! Sometimes it's hard to see the big picture of it all especially when things seem to be a bit stagnant, and then when a step taken forward is met by the very thing one had only once dreamed of and it all comes together a sense of purpose and "aw" make it all worth the wait...

Cheers to the journey!

Jamie Santellano