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I am new to this site... I have been a full time blacksmith artist. Started out in a fabrication shop, migrated to building fences, then went to work (for free to learn) from a real blacksmith pro. He taught me a lot, then I struck out on my own. My work has transformed from small "functional art" to more abstract, larger sculptures. My work is recognized by combining copper and steel and using heavy texturing to create a unique look. Selling the work has been a "life lesson". I have been going to the juried art shows. It seems like that is getting a tougher way to make a living. I have also done some commissioned work. I love doing what I do... I have no illusions about getting wealthy. You can check out my work at I am not trying to sell this work on this site... but am doing this to share my work with others. It might inspire others to do even better work.

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Welcome to ArtMetal James...

checked out your web site, nice work and great site. Please post some pictures here for everyone to see. Looking forward towards your input in the group. Steelyjan

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James, Welcome to the forum.


Welcome to the forum. I like your website and particularly the images of your shop. It was great to see the pieces in progress.

I like your work and the combination of the copper with steel.


Fred Zweig

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Welcome -information exchange

Hello James , welcome to the forum , l'd be very interested to see some of your work with copper textures.

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beautiful work, and it looks

beautiful work, and it looks like you have worked hard for that shop.

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Thanks for sharing your work. Your web site is spectacular, great photos. Lin

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Beautiful work! Welcome!

Beautiful work! Welcome!

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very impressed.

awesome craftsmanship

im a big fan of the copper and steel... i also noticed the lack of gloves in most of the shop pictures, getting a feel for your work really pays off.

thanks for sharing.


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Very nice website, very

Very nice website, very creative work. Nice!
Guthrie, MN

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Hi James, Welcome to

Hi James,
Welcome to Artmetal,I hope people here we`ll be inspired by your work, and that you also learn something from the guys here. Checking your site, which is great, becomes obvious that sometimes working for free pays! You must have had a master for teacher. May you be a master for others as well. In regards to your technique and style of work, I`m just blown by your texturing abilities, I truly love them, and find them very inspiring and nourishing. Keep working and enjoying your God`s gift, and thanks for sharing. Nelson.

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amazing work

beautiful work and website. I'm amazed by the use of textures.