Problems with my Thermal dynamics DC inverter


Okay as I mentioned above I have a Thermal Dynamics, "Thermal Arc 200 GTS" DC inverter, the little maroon Guy (girl?) Occasionaly and more persistently as it is used the pedal will not iniate the Arc. I've took it apart blown it out, tapped it like the Fonz with some luck, but even the fonz ran out of luck and turned into Henry Winkler. I'm afraid I have a winkler on my hands, and I'm not a strong scratch starter. My main reason for this post is that I used to have an identical unit that gave me the same problem, and before I go to a repair shop is anyone familiar with the Winlerization issue of this unit so I can possibly solve the problem more directly (and Less $).

Please help, I do so hate ruining my dainty TIG beads.

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Welding questions

I don't even know what your talking about... but bet that Valerie Weihman does... Tell her I sent you... or anyone else from Artmetal sent you... She is a welding instructor and artist in this very area and golden. vweihman at At least tell her I think she is golden. Happy New Year also.