permalac clear lacquer sealer alternative

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Hello everyone..I am new to metal working.


I am wondering if there is any alternative to "permalac" which is like the standard sealant for all metal art work.

I am wondering if there is any alternative that I can pick up at local home depot or auto part store.

how about any clear acrylic, or any rust-oleum clear matte spray paint.

oh, I should have mentioned in the beginning that I am currently building furniture leg with rolled 1" square tubing, grinded and applying vista black patina from "Sculpt Nouveau". 

I know..  its not art or sculpture. I am a contractor and decided to change my career as designer or an artist at my later years. this is my first piece. 


Thanks everyone.


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Welcome to ArtMetal,

Welcome to ArtMetal, Marcello.

For interior use, you can get away with using clear acrylic. For exterior use, PermaLac is much better at resisting the elements.

Keep in mind that no clear coating is totally impervious to atmosphere, so bare metal will require periodic maintenance to keep t=it from eventually beginning to rust. If you want it to be more durable, I recommend painting it to look like bare metal. Hollywood does it and you can too, with a bit of practice. You first clean the metal, preferably by sandblasting or pickling, then give it a coat of 95% zinc cold galvanizing followed by a neutral oxide primer. Then, using topcoats of the appropriate colors, you paint it to look like it really hasn't been painted at all.

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exterier clear coat.

PAR 15 makes a clear catalyzed urethane that is the toughest coating I have ever had to remove. It isn't cheap but is used in the marine industry for clear coating bright work, amongst other things, it gets tougher with moisture exposure, is UV inhibited, is supposed to give at least a 15 year coating protection. I have been using it on sprayed metal (copper and bronze) applied to steel for a sealer. So far it seems to be VERY GOOD but remember my opening statement about expensive.

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I suspect you mean POR15. I

I suspect you mean POR15. I have yet to find a UV protective POR15 clear coat. References?

For indoor Duplicolor Wheel Coating (clear #103) is fine and is easy to apply even in relatively cold workshop.


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Por-15 makes a very durable

Por-15 makes a very durable exterior urethane (or possibly siloxane/urethane) clear coat for metal that is really good stuff, according to a couple of my friends who have been using it fr some years now with excellent results. It does have UV protection.

The product is called Glisten PC