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on my way to London to do a quick repair job Don't let one of these ......truck: Don't let one of these ...... ...near your gatesbent gate: ...near your gates

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bad lorry drivers

How heartbreaking, still its one good thing about quality metalwork its infinately repairable, well most of the time anyway. We get a lot of work from the army who are continuously driving tanks into gates!
Michelle and Andy

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Hope the repair went

Hope the repair went OK.
Giuseppe, do you still use your tongue as a heat seeker? Tried it once, never again,my hand shakes too much :)

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lover, iron
toast in fondu,
tingle of tongue,
know what to do

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Good reply G, that made me

Good reply G, that made me smile.

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4.5 days .......

from this ........ready to unbendready to unbend
to this ......unbent gateunbent gate
working in the mud and rain for 4.5 days with nothing but a lever, a hammer, a wrench,grinder and welding set ....nice to be with an old friend of a gate from 17 years ago ....

Where to bend next ... www.metalgarden.ca

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Nice job on the repair,

Nice job on the repair, Giuseppe! Doesn't sound like it was a whole lot of fun, though. I hate working in mud, rain, snow or cold - that's why I live in the tropics. Just heat, more heat and sometimes, really high winds. :-)

Looks good!