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For those of you that enjoyed seeing some of the work for Germany over the last seven years, here is a video taken this spring which includes the most recent bridge.


Rowing the Atlantic

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I am planning to row the Atlantic solo in 2013.
I want to fund the row myself and use the 3000nm trip to raise money for fresh water wells in countries where the need is desperate.
The only way I can raise the 100k needed for such an adventure is to do what I do best ...make metalwork.



For those who like to sketch on the computer, here is a fun java application in HTML5.
Harmony .....

this is the kind of thing I use it for .....

// sketching with Harmony

miami stairs

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This is a progress shot ....after two years of forging I am finally getting everything in place in Miami ...should have chosen a cooler time but I get to see some great thunder storms ...will try to post more as things come together.

help with sliding gate please


Hi everyone,
I need some help please .....
As you know my gates are rarely regular in shape and a horizontal line is pretty rare ...I have a client who wants her gate to slide rather than turn automatically. I am so used to using hydraulic boxes that will turn just about any shape that I weld to them that I have never given any thought to sliding mechanisms.

remember those handrails ?

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Everything is in place in Liverpool ....just have to cover the original tops that were made for a wooden handrail
All the center knots in the panels were made on site with whoever came in to visit on site .... knots made with the help of the people of Liverpoolknot balconies: knots made with the help of the people of Liverpool

An interesting challenge


Some time ago I made 80 balconies for a community center in liverpool ...I think I posted something because I had all the local people help make knots for the center details.
At the time they wanted wooden handrails so I left that with them.


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on my way to London to do a quick repair job

finishing Miami at last

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On my way back from Miami ....fixed all the boundary railings and tested a gate in place visit for the stairs and lights

flowers inspired by Miami

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I have been doing a lot in Miami over the last year and all those tropical plants have inspired lots of new shapes are a few of the flower ideas in the making ....Miami flowersMiami flowers

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