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Hello everyone I'm new to this so excuse me if I don't do this correctly. I am looking for someone that is intrested in or can direct me to someone who buys old coppersmith tools. They belonged to my Grandfather and haven't been touched in over 30 years. There are all kinds of tools, and i'm looking for a direction to go in. Thanks

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Welcome to ArtMetal,

Welcome to ArtMetal, Gerry!

You're doing things just fine, but we need some more information. Where are the tools located (this forum is read internationally, after all), and what sort of tools are they? Was your grandfather a coppersmith who made big boilers, stills and commercial cookware sort of stuff, or was he a person who made small scale works? The tools for the two areas are somewhat different and it helps to know what they are. If you can post pictures that would be a help, too. If you have difficulty posting pictures, let me know and I'll help out.

Depending on what the tools are and where they're located, I'm sure someone here can direct you to a person who would be interested in them, and we can probably give you some idea of a reasonable value for the, as well.

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Thank you I'll get all the

Thank you I'll get all the info your requesting. For starters I am located in New York, and yes my grandfather did for a living, more i can't tell you at this time.

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hmmmm...Yeah what you got?

hmmmm...Yeah what you got?