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In January, I took a class with Darryl Nelson. He's a blacksmith out of Washington state who forges wonderful animal heads. He also, generously, teaches the techniques. Photo's are rather poor, sorry. the bear's head is mine, the ram's head is Mr. Nelson.
forged bear's head oneforged bear's head oneBear's head twoBear's head twoBear's head threeBear's head threeRam's head oneRam's head oneRam's head threeRam's head threeRam's head twoRam's head two

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Guess what???

I like your bear head much better, there is a lot of detail in's did you learn a thing or two....SteelyJan

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Thanks SteelyJan That was my

Thanks SteelyJan

That was my fifth try. The hardest part, if you make no mistakes, is keeping the snout from getting too long and skinny.
The class itself, was pretty intense. It was at the John Campbell folk school in North Carolina. Get up, have breakfast, forge, eat lunch, forge, eat dinner, forge until time for sleep. But that's really the normal pace for a lot of these classes. I forgot to mention the size. For the bear, the bar stock was 1 1/2" and the Ram, it was 3/4" Gerald Boggs

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animal heads

Very nice work, Gerald! I love the detail and all the teeth on the bear. Lin

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Great forging!!!

Great forging!!! Congrats
Guthrie, MN

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Just make the ears longer on

Just make the ears longer on Bear2 and you have a perfect wolf.

Nice work

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Thanks all. A wolf's head

Thanks all. A wolf's head was one of the heads Mr. Nelson demonstrated, but will all the details that went in to each animal head, I decided to concentrate on the Bear's and Ram's head. I did take lots of notes :-)

Fair Winds

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Gerald's animal heads

Great job Gerald! I just took Daryl's class at The JCCFS.
He is an excellent instructor and willing to be in
the shop as long as you want to forge into the late hours.
The class was a litle bit above my "pay grade" skills but
managed to forge the bull dog, dragon, hunting dog, and
a hybred ramoose which was my moosey looking ram head.
Forge On, Coyote Har

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Woooeee That is taking

That is taking forged animal heads to a whole new level!Hard to believe they're not(very good)castings!
Will Jones

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Thank Will. One of the

Thank Will. One of the things I found incredible watching Darryl Nelson work, is he does no stock removal or filing. He starts with a solid bar and starts pushing it around until he has a animal. I wish the photos I took at the class had came out. The Lynx head he did was wonderful.
Gerald Boggs