Studio position at Touchstone

OT: Sandbox YAK

Well folks, I'll be gone for the summer. I applied for and was accepted at Touchstone as the Studio Resident Associate of the Blacksmith Shop (Read that as shop slave and general odd job man) I leave tomorrow morning and will be working through early August.
I quite excited about this. There's a host of great sounding classes this summer. The one by Fred Crist is one I was planning on taking even if I didn't get the position. Here's the opening statement on his class, "Explore the limits of forging decorative metalwork, such as carving figures and creatures of the grotesque, and using them in decorative features as doorknockers, door pulls, hinges, and various other items. " I've seen some of his carvings and they're very good.

My neighbors work at home and will be taking care of my house, cats and chickens. The bees can tend to themselves. See everyone all in the Fall.


P.S. It just occurred to me, that some folks might no know what's Touchstone. They're a arts and craft school in Pennsylvania. Here's their link:

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Best of Luck

Hi Gerald,
Sounds like a great adventure in learning. Best of luck to you. I'm sure we'll all ultimately benefit from this.

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Gerald- Congratulations on

Congratulations on your appointment! You will love the Laurel Highlands. It is a beautiful area- I have done a lot of summer backpacking and winter snowshoeing in the area. You will be about 2 1/2 hours west of me, and a little farther from Nic East (in the Lehigh Valley).