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Alter Cross and candle stands


Here's a job I just finished. It's a Alter Cross and pair of candle stands for a local church. The church is a small,stone and timberframe building. The Pastor and board wanted something keeeping with the flavor of the

10.000 revisited

OT: Sandbox YAK

10.000 hours. I heard about this again this summer. What was put forward is not simply doing something for 10.000 hours, but deliberate practice with a mentor or coach working with you.

Here's a quote from an article in the Wall Street Journal:

Hand forged lock class


For those of you who might be thinking of taking a class next year. Touchstone has an excellent line-up of instructors. One of the classes will be this lock by Tom Latane

Here's a few pictures of his work:

Studio Tour, a very good idea!


Studio tour

Good Day all.
Haven't posted in a while, but thought I'd pass on my thoughts on the benefits of hosting a open studio.

This is the third year I've been part of the Virginia Artisans Studio Tour and it has proven to be my best form of advertising. While I get a fair amount of work by word of mouth and a bit from web searches, by far, the best results of new clients has been the studio tour. I've have five local newspaper articles and one national magazine article, had a yellow page ad for two years, did several full page ads in local magazines. Nothing, and I do mean nothing has come close to the results I've had with having my studio open to the public.

Oh No!, not another gallery

OT: Sandbox YAK

Well, the downturn of the economy has finally come home. The Artisan Center of Virginia's gallery has temporary closed it's doors. I picked up my stuff yesterday. Just last summer, they were enjoying record sales, now almost nothing.

Forged animal head's


In January, I took a class with Darryl Nelson. He's a blacksmith out of Washington state who forges wonderful animal heads. He also, generously, teaches the techniques. Photo's are rather poor, sorry. the bear's head is mine, the ram's head is Mr. Nelson.

Touchstone blacksmith classes


I don't know if this is appropriate for posting of the forum, but thought I'd risk it. Last year, I was the resident artist at Touchstone's blacksmith studio. Part of my job was to help with getting the following year's instructors scheduled. So that's my interest in this.

Forged Table


Here's a table I just finished. This was a good challenge for me, as it helped to bring my forging skills to a new level.

The top is a sheet of plywood clad in copper and then a light brown patina

baked on finish


I just learned this from a friend.

He was working with a smith out east of me on a large handrail job. To finish it, they contacted the Powdercoat company about using their ovens on the weekend. As the powdercoaters are closed on the weekend, they agreed to rent the use. So what he did was to take all his railings there, coat them with boiled linseed oil and bake them at 400 for about hour and half. I didn't get to see this, but I understand the finish came out beautifully.

Dragos Oh my! well sort of :-)


Well, I'm finally getting settled in after my summer travels. It's actually been pretty hard to get back on track and go to work every day. House needs painting, need to build a new and larger chicken coop, been a rough year for the bees and so more work there, etc... As for the blacksmithing, part of what I've been doing, is playing with some of the stuff I learned this year. Trying to make the skills my own instead of something abstract I saw. Here's a couple of the dragon like guys I've been working on. No plans for them besides practice. But anyway, what I wanted to post was a sort of follow-up on Rich's comment of Mark Aspery's teaching. So with that, I thought I'd post a few of the classes he's doing on the east coast next year. May 8th through the 12th, he'll be in George teaching Leafwork and Large Joinery Level two western states. June 1st to the 6th, He'll be at Touchstone in Pennsylvania teaching his basic class "Mastering the Fundamentals" Level one western states. June 7th to the 12th, He'll still be at Touchstone, but the class will be an instructors course based on Mastering the Fundamentals. August 16th to the 22nd, He'll be at John Campbell in NC teaching "Mastering the Fundamentals" I'm of course very excited about the classes at Touchstone and John Campbell, as I'll be his assistant for them :-) You can read more about Mark at his web site

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