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Hi all,
Ihave been admiring the site for some time now and thought I should become pro-active! My name is Gene McLaren I live in Tasmania (Aussie) my chosen daytime job is a Patternmaker I have been working in this trade for just on 20 years now at a local steel foundry in Launceston. I have been dabbling in garden art for around 6 years now and enjoy the work very much. I try to work in mixed mediums of steel, concrete, and timber. I will try to upload some images of my eork to give an idea of what I am about, any feedback welcome. FiligreeBirbath: Filigree concrete steelLunar: concrete steel

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Glad you decided to join and

Glad you decided to join and post. Nice work!

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very nice

Extremely well done. Did you hand cut the filligree for the bird bath? I particularly impressed with Lunar. Is the face cast concrete or is the geometric pattern welded?

Welcome, I'm realtively new as well.


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hand cut

Hi Bob, Yes I hand cut the filligree on the birdbath with a plasma torch so each design is different, the lunar is cast concrete ito a ring of 25*5 mm flat bar and a peined peice cast in the middle. The concrete finish has been treated with numerous stains as well as acid etched and then buffed up with a coat of wax, this gives the concrete a real sense of depth.

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I really like your work. I am a newbie around here as well and find the talent of the forum members to be understated, wow.
Hey did you carve that Geometric and then mold it up? Thats really something. I mess around with gothic geometric shapes and I have been thinking about doing a shield. Your wall art looks almost like a shield to me (I am a little over the deep end over parade armour, so I see shields everywhere)
Anyway, there are so many posibilties with convex wall art like that, I can almost see an eye in the center of it.
Thanks for posting your work, very nice...

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Heya Sam, Welcome! The cast section of this peice I formed By firstly constucting a pattern from timber, this was done by turning up a convex shape and then setting out the geometic design. I then cut some 3/8" dowel in half and cut it into short lengths and gluing it into place. I then ran fillets all round to give a more clean line, once this was done I made a f/glass mould off it and heypresto (if thats how its spelt) my mould is comlete.

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...welcome! I would love to

...welcome! I would love to see more photographs of your work! These two are just beautiful......