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How bou't that HEAT!




Here are some critters I put together for the craft fair at Deloraine last November they where a last minute thing so we had some smaller giftware type items. They proved to be popular and helped to pay for the site! AScarabsScarabsSnailsSnailsDung BeetlesDung Beetlesnyhow I liked them and thought I would share;-)

Stop the rust!

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I have posted a reply previously on how I achieve a rusted finish on my peices with salt water and vinigar. The patina I get with this solution is a genuine rusted finish. But the drama is what to do to stop the rust from slowly eating the product completely away.


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A shot of one of my sundials. For whoever wants to see.Sundial

New to Blogging

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Hi all,
Ihave been admiring the site for some time now and thought I should become pro-active! My name is Gene McLaren I live in Tasmania (Aussie) my chosen daytime job is a Patternmaker I have been working in this trade for just on 20 years now at a local steel foundry in Launceston.

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