Anyone in/from the Baltimore area?

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Good morning all.
So here's a question for people out in the great big world of the cyber, does anyone know of any metal and or welding shops in the Baltimore area that are good for employment?

The sort of spot I'm looking for is much like the smithy at the National Ornamental Museum. A metal shop that can do anything from custom motorcycle parts (with the help of the foreman, I made a rather nice stainless steel rack for a Honda scooter I had back in the day) to forging coat hooks, to casting aluminum, to making a fountain, to... I'm just looking for word of mouth shops anyone can recommend. I have been trolling the yellow pages, but cold calling or just showing up at a shop is a tad bit strange.

Thanks ^_^

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I think he works alone, but

I think he works alone, but you might ask David Hess for advice. He has been working in the Baltimore area for a long time, and knows a lot of people.
Good guy, great sculptor.

You could also check in with your local blacksmith group- in the case of Maryland, it would be the Mid-Atlantic Smiths-
Pres: David Hutchison
31834 Geib Road
Cordova MD 21625

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Cool! Thank you ^_^

Cool! Thank you ^_^

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bulletmore, murderland

chris gavin
g krug and sons (oldest cont.running smithy in america)

and david hess are all i can think of...

george rousis