Newbie to Casting



I've been spincasting for a few years using castings primarily for my models and model kits.

I spincast mostly Britannia and Resin. I have also spincast zinc-aluminum and wax. I have mold capability of 9"-18"dia. to 1.5" thick.   I use both vulcanized and RTV silicone rubber molds.   Much of my work has to not only look good but has to fit other parts, sometimes with precision.

I am still learning about spincasting and will continue to learn as long as I am spincasting.

Until recently I have hand made and machined all of my patterns in brass/wood/plastic.  I am in the process of integrating CAD and laser cut wood patterns with my casting.   The wood patterns will be used to make a mold to produce production patterns to make the production mold.

I am especially interested in learning about vibratory finishing of cast parts.  I have a small unit but need to know what media is best and about finishing times.


Jack Mc Kie

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tumbling supplies

I have been spin casting for a while and I use ceramic. You can get it from Rio Grande in Albuquerque New Mexico. We use the 3/8" grey. We can leave it in over night or for a few hours and not lose detail.

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brass casting

dear all can you tell me about casting brass with spin casting machine , can i use spin casting machine for brass and if yes which mould can be adopted to produce the brass items my items are small in size round in shape approx 1 inch of hieght and 0.7" of diameter or 25mm of height and 20 mm of diameter , also i want to build my own machine for spin casting can any one help me in this matter
Omar Javaid