Repousse (examples)

Repousse & Chasing

This blog will show some of the range of items I have made over the years using punches and dull chisels to manipulate metal.

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Framed Gingko Leaves
(4"x4" 18gauge copper with stained oak frame)

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chasing tools in chased copper container


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It is obvious you are a

It is obvious you are a master at repouse! If you would like to share more how-to's on ArtMetal, I will be happy to set you up a special section on the site which we can archive your documentaries on repouse. Just let me know.

BTW, where are you from and where do you give classes?

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I would be glad to do on

I would be glad to do on line how-to's. Let me know what it is you need. I am commited to helping other understand process. (I,m just a kid who likes "show-n-tell".

I live in Tucson, Arizona and give two workshops a year at the Local Parks and Rec Center. I may be teaching a workshop in California next year if all works out.

Fred Zweig

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online howto's


Your work is awesome. I'm still in awe of your beetle. I live in MS so workshops in Arizona are a little tough for me. Haha. So online howto's would be fanastic! I would, however, love to attend a class sometime.


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First thing to do Fred is to

First thing to do Fred is to create a "Repouse" group. You should be able to do that by going to "Create Content" after you've logged in. There are several things you can do to set it up, and you will be the manager of that group. Once you've set it up, make sure you always select the group when you post the how-to's. I also suggest you set up a particular "keyword" which you can attach to the posts.

Let me know if you run into any problems setting up the group. If you plan to do a lot of how-to's we could always set you up with "book" privileges. I haven't set any of these up, but the benefit would be the ability to have chapters, sub-chapters, and the ability to move posts around. This is a little more complicated than the groups, but if you really want to get fancy with it, I'd be willing to give you access to these capabilities within the ArtMetal site. Just let me know. No pressure...

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great work!!

Awesome work Fred! Looks like you will be a great asset to a site I am quickly getting enamored with. I hope to get to do some repousse soon, y'all are making me jones for it. Keep it up and by all means do the group/book thingy.

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Outstanding work, Fred! I'm

Outstanding work, Fred!

I'm really pleased to see your work, and to see that you take the time to make things like that nice chasing punch holder. I'm a big believer in making nice, attractive tools. Better to surround yourself with things that are pleasing to look at.

Thanks for sharing those with us!


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Awesome work!

Your work is just beautiful - it is just a pleasure to look at it!

I do hope you do some on-line classes - that would be so
great to learn this technique, and from someone who is so
very good at it! Being in Virginia - going to a class in your
area is not an option, but on-line, I'd just jump at the chance!


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Creating the new group

I am currently filling an order for hand forged sterling neck collars for one of my clients and It will be a while before I have time to prepare the images for the demos. I will take time to create the repousse group so we can transfer the images I and others have posted. I am also preparing for a workshop that I am teaching next weekend. No rest for the wicked they say. I look forward to learning as much as I share.

I too believe that it is important to surround yourself with what you believe is beautiful and pleasant to look at.

Fred Zweig

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I am new to artmetal and I love your repousse. I am also new to repousse and metalworking, in January I started my own metal jewelry company and I love it!!!(well the metal part, getting use to the business part) I also enjoy seeing everyones art and creations on this site. I look forward to seeing more and I'm sure that I will be in touch with questions.

Casey Sheppard

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too awsome

very impressive, very nice. how thick of material do you use?

Guthrie, MN

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Paula, I like using 18 gauge


I like using 18 gauge copper for most of what I do. It gives me plenty of room to move the metal around and stays where it is put.

Fred Zweig

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Chasing and Repousse

I'm looking for classes or workshops in LA or OC area.  Any suggestions?