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Craft in America

PBS will be broadcasting a film on the beginings of Craft in America airing Oct. 10th.


Tools steel score!

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I have just found a hoard of O1 tool steel in different diameters and in 6" lengths. I have already bought over 40lbs of it and have started making chasing tools. I am cutting the lenghts in half and then taper forging the ends to make my stock. These will eventually be made into specialty chasing tools for my work.

David Huang and his 22K vessel

David has just posted and annotated several image of a vessel he has completed for a competition. It is fascinating to follow along with his thought process as he tackles this project.

Used anvil!

I just love craigslist! Just drove 20miles to look at a 115lb anvil advertized for $125. I called a day after it was advertized and figured it would be sold. He said several had called and would not be able to come by to see it until after 4:00 pm. I asked if it had any markings on the side and he said no. I said I would be right over. When I arrived I checked the surface plate and other than a few nicks and chips on the edges, it was sound and the ring and recoil was great. I paid him the money and loaded into my Saturn sedan passenger's seat.

Repousse workshop for Colorado in June

Repousse & Chasing

I have been busy preparing for upcoming workshops. Last month I taught a three day repousse workshop for a small group in Scottdale, AZ. This month I am teaching forging to a small group here in Tucson. In June I have been asked to teach a 4 day repousse workshop in the mountains near south east of Denver. We will be making tools and faces. I will also demonstrate the Japanese high relief work known as Uchidashi. I can get the full details once the dates and information is confirmed and post it if folks are interested.

Edgar Brandt

I am thilled at my latest antique find. While browsing at a local bookshop I discovered a total of 9 original studio photographs of the work of Art Deco metalsmith Edgar Brandt. Each 9x11 image bears the inked stamp of the Brandt shop and the studio stamp of F. Harand the photographer in Paris. I suspect these date to the 1930s. They are images of gates and lamps. It will be a while before I have time to scan them so I can post. Truly spectacular work by this great craftsman.

Surface Embelishment workshop

I have been asked to teach a two day workshop in surface texture and embelishment here in Tucson at the City Parks and Rec studio. It will be held next month. We will cover tool making, reverse texturing, roller printing, engraving and "Localized Metal Deformation". The class seems to be filling quickly.

Oppi Untracht's passing

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It is with sadness in my heart that I report that a great mentor and friend to many of us passed away this last week at the age of 85. Oppi's sincere kindness and willingness to share his vast knowledge will be sorely missed.

Idyllwild brooches

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I created 5 brooches for exhibit at the Idyllwild Exhibition Center during the Metals Week workshops. I also took a brooch made for an exhibit in New York a few years ago. I was thrilled to have sold 4 of the six brooches during the exhibition.

Idyllwild workshop "METALS WEEK"

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I leave the Arizona heat for the cooler climate of the San Bernadino Mountains to teach a weeklong workshop at the Idyllwild Art Academy. An exhibit of the work of the istructors will be held at the Parks Exhibition Center and I will be presenting 6 brooches for the show. I am in a panic mode preparing for the class and know it will be a wonderful experience for all who participate.

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