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Tomahawk Ride In

September 12 and 13 I will be vending my metal art at the Northwoods Harley Davidson Dealership. This dealership is located around 36 miles north of Tomahawk WI. The address is 1700 N. US 51 in Arbor Vitae WI.

Thanks Rich

Thank you,Rich

Hang In There

I sure hope this thread makes it through the hoops.
Rich, you are in my prayers and constant thoughts.
This is the best site I have ever experienced for metal artists so.....
Please continue to participate.

Merry Christmas

Have a merry merry Christmas all.

Spoon Handle Fish

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This sculpture is made using mild steel rod , some mild steel sheet while the rest is made using the handle portion of stainless steel flatware spoons. It is around 30 inches in length. It is a wall hanger. franK

Little Lake Eagle Head

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Little Lake Eagle HeadLittle Lake Eagle HeadJuly 20 The HOG (Harley Owners Group) will be holding their annual Ride-in Bike Show at Little Lake American Legion Hall to raise money for Bay Cliff Health Camp, a camp for disabled children.


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 Butterfly by franKButterfly: Butterfly by franKHere's my first butterfly.It's made primarily using 1/4" mild steel rod.


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Yup-ee frontYup-ee frontYup-ee sideYup-ee sideThis Mask is inspired by the Yup-ik Native American Shaman Masks. The Eagle, made from steel is on the top with Trout fish made from copper are on each side of the Eagle. The hands for communicating with the Grandfathers are fashioned from steel. At the bottom are pieces of native UP Michigan copper and Native UP Michigan iron. The Face is made using Native UP Michigan White Pine with the eyes , nose and mouth made using native UP Michigan Maple knots. The ring surrounding the mask, and brackets holding the symbols are made from mild steel.

Dragon Personality

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I tried to use the blog entry to post pictures and one thingy only lets me choose from pictures I have already posted, the other thingy only seems to be good if you have a URL. I want to post several images on my blog. I used to be able to, maybe it's a seventies thing. I also tried the "Post Image" and it lets me only post one image at a time. 

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