Imagillaboration National Collaborative Sculpture Project

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I have been extremely remiss in not informing members of the ArtMetal community of this sooner. Please check out the website, this is an excellent opportunity for sculptors in the USA


Collaborative Sculpture Project

A Creative Synthesis of Imagination and Collaboration
Inspired by the “Exquisite Corpse” collaborations of the surrealists, and born from the belief that, however many of us there may be, contemporary sculptors comprise a true community, comes IMAGILLABORATION.

This Project seeks to bring a community made up of visionary and creative individuals even closer together as we share our unique skills and inspired perspectives on art through the process of collaboration.


Groups of artists from around the country will work collectively over the course of a year to produce a body of sculptural work, one sculpture for each person participating.

Groups will consist of eight people. At the beginning of the project, each artist will start a sculpture by creating an element that will be added to by the other participants in the group.

Every Six weeks for 48 weeks the sculptures will be passed on to other members in the group. At the end of the 48 week period, all of the pieces will have been worked on by each member of the group.

The Project will culminate in a traveling exhibition and virtual exhibition on the Imagillaboration web site.

The Imagillaboration Project is now "live" and seeking participants.

For more detailed information please visit:

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Good to have you with

Good to have you with us.....
This sounds like a very COOL project. Bravo.......and I notice a coupla other Artmetalites participating.
thanks for thinking of us, glad you joined and posted.


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Thanks Bill

Thanks for the accolades and your participation Bill.

I am fairly certain I joined this forum years ago, but I have not been particularly active on any forums until recently.

In any case if I was already a member, it must have been before the switch to Drupal format, with which I am not particularly enamored.

I will try to be helpful around here as time allows, but as you have seen I have my plate pretty well full at the moment.


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well I thought I'd add to

well I thought I'd add to this thread. I just finished my first component. It is the first of 8 tiers of a mobile.
 My "seed" ......Imagillaboration element ......: My "seed" ......

this is a fold formed element that will be part of a collaborative MOBILEthis is a fold formed element that will be part of a collaborative MOBILE

It'll be interesting to see how this "evolves".