traveling back east

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well i am going to south eastern pa for the holiday (arriving the 25th of november and departing on the 1st of december)

is there anyone in the vicinity of allentown/philly/ maybe nyc that would be up for a short visit.. over the weekend...

or any events that need attending...

George Rousis

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I'm up for a visit!!!

Hi George, I think I will be up at my studio on Saturday, right after Thanksgiving. You are more then welcome to come me at
Love meeting my ArtMetal friends. SteelyJan
Melee I'm waiting !!!!!

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You're funny, I was thinking

You're funny, I was thinking as I read this "I want to come up after Thanksgiving!" You AND George at the same time would be.... I can't even think of the right words.

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Bring it on!!!!

I will definitely be at my upstate studio and if you come up Melee I'm putting you to work.....yeah you can help me grind stuff...ha! Then I'll ply you with wine....and food!!!
George the invite is on!!!! SteelyJan

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i only just now found this as i am sitting back in kc, seeing what i had missed...

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glad you found this. Enjoy

glad you found this. Enjoy and howdy!!!

John Dach