new rings

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i will attempt to post some ring photos
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odd it seems to be working....

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That is quite an impressive collection of rings there. I like your work and admire your ability. Personally, I have trouble working on anything so small, although I don't have the right tools for anything so small, either.
Very nice work.

Rick Crawford at Smoky Forge

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Beautiful Collection

Your rings are wonderful...I love the nail ring with the little highlight of texture...and of course the patterned ones too. Thanks for sharing your work with us. SteelyJan

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You really do amazing work.

You really do amazing work. I like the combination of heftyness and design. The wedding bands and the ring that overlaps are my favorite!

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Wow! I happen to have a wedding ring I can recycle. What a wonderful use. I have played with combining metals in the past but your rings have really sparked the creative juices.

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Never heard of a divorce ring

Nice work Feorge, I like the divorce ring. I recycled mine by trying to throw it across the Potomic like George W.I'm better suited at making an axe for chopping down Cherry trees. I once made a ring from a silver dollar by continually beating it with a large soup spoon and then drilled it out. It took awhile but turned out interesting.

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Beautiful Work

Love your rings, so I checked out your site. Stunning - everything there is stunning! especially like the handrails, community garden gate and the candleabras. thanks for the beauty you create with metal. How did you learn mokume?


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thanks nan and everyone

thanks nan
and everyone else...
i looked at some books on the subject...

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u gtta post some hints on

u gtta post some hints on engravng!!!! mui bueno!

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hmmmm... what do you

what do you mean?