PLasmacam Software what to use?

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I purchased a new Plasmacam DHC but here's the but;
I purchased it new fron an industrial liquidator that got it from a customer that never put it in service

All I got was the machine and grates no software or owners manual

The price on Plasmacam's software is pretty step is it worth it? Do I have to have any driver's from them to use it with a differeny software?
If I can use a different brand of software Whoose there are so many.

So keep in mind I have no idea what I am getting into !!

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My guess would be that the

My guess would be that the software is somewhat proprietary to the PlasmaCam and that off-the-shelf software may not work too well, if at all. That's just a guess, though; I don't own a PlasmaCam and don't really know anything much about them. We do, however, have a very long-running thread about PlasmaCams here on ArtMetal and that one thread has generated more traffic than any other twenty threads put together, so I'm sure you'll get some feedback here. It may take several days, but I have no doubt it will come.

There are a number of specific forums on the 'net for PlasmaCam owners and others with CAD/CAM setups, so there may be information there as well.

You could also just call PlasmaCam and ask George what he recommends. One advantage of doing that is that sooner or later you're going to need maintenance or repair parts for the thing and it doesn't hurt to get to know the source.

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I called Plasmacam today they say they can send me a replacment disc for the unit I will wait and see what's on it
Pretty helpful bunch I spoke with 3 differeny CS reps all looked up my contact by machine serial number and knew what my last contact was about pretty impressive
We use support alot on other thing we have most CS's at other company's today do not have a clue
Thanks for the advice can't wait to get this up and running

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Glad to hear it was that

Glad to hear it was that easy. Customer service is what makes or breaks companies in that sort of business. From your experience, it sounds as though PlasmaCam will be around for the future.