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funky rail

We'll try this again. Thanks to Rich and his resizing link I'm posting picts again. Here is a fun little rail I did for a remodel job. Here in Lincoln, NE, residential construction has a 5" dia rule, and I was actually able to make this rail pass. At times it meant nudging 10 different pcs this way and that, but I finally got it.

I'll try this again....Bella Railing Picts


Here are some picts of a railing I did for a spa called Bella. The flower leaf concept and their arrangement on the panels was based off of their logo. The "Drooping Flowers" at the corners contain lights which highlight the corners. Some of the pict quality isn't so great, sorry.

U DZINE coffee table

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Here is a simple table that was designed after a friend of mine who redecorates her house every other week. The table has 5 bay like recesses with glass bottoms that can be filled with beads, broken glass, sand, dried flowers, and whatever her head can come up with. I had a couple of exotic hard wood shelves made for it, and, since she was a florist, a sealed plexi-glass "vase". It didn't require a lot of crazy metal work, but it is one of the more fun pieces I've done.

Morph coffee tables

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Here are a few coffee tables I created over the past year or so. I called it the morph series. The starting point was based on "synergy", the idea of a number of small elements that when put together become stronger than sum of all of the pieces. I'm not sure if that ended up being true with these tables, but it was the start of the design process. I named the series Morph because it seemed that with one element or building block I could create any shape or volume. It almost became a challenge. I would think of a shape and then see if i could build it. As of yet, I've only made coffee tables , but I have a dining table in the design phase.

dressing my new anvil?


I just bought my first new anvil and would like some advice on dressing it. The anvil is a 210lb. Austrian Style Workhorse. I know to put a small radius around the edge of the face, but should I do anything to the horn and hardy hole? The horn seems pretty rough from the casting and I've read something about chamfering the hardy hole. Any thoughts?


Hello all, I have used this site and forum to help solve a few problems I've run into and it's really been a lifesaver. My name is Jake Balcom, and although I been a subscriber for a while I'm fairly new in terms of use. I own a small one man fabrication shop called Mettle Design in Nebraska and do my best to push the creative limits in the conservative heartland. I specialize mostly in fencing, railings, furniture, and other one offs. As of yet I mostly use mild steel, welding, cold forming, and powder coat finishing for most of my projects, but will be getting into blacksmithing in a few weeks. I can't wait and am sure I'll have a lot of questions. I'll post a few pictures of some of my work, and hopefully get to know all of you a little better in the near future.

Help! They want Brass!

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I was recently commissioned to design some decorative grillwork for a church. They chose to fabricate the pieces out of mild steel and have them powder coated to keep the costs down. The client has since changed their mind and would now like it created out of solid brass to match some existing brass work in the church(300 series brass). I have never worked with brass, but would like to give this a try. I need to do some basic forming, weld or braze numerous connections, and finally be able to polish the whole piece to a shine. Can any one offer advice on brazing or welding brass, the type of filler metal or brazing rod that will blend in with the rest of the piece, ways to protect the surrounding brass during forming and brazing/welding, and polishing the piece out so I can get a mirror shine. Do I need to worry about distortion due to the heat from brazing/welding? Also any tips on material alloy would be greatly appreciated. They want to try to match an existing piece(all that I know is that it is a 300 series brass)which is a rich gold color. The brass on that piece was powder coated with a clear coat to prevent any oxidation. If there is any else I should know please tell me.

rusting stainless steel

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Hello, I recently went to look at a stainless steel wall fountain I had installed about 1-1/2 to 2 years ago and noticed light rusting around drip marks on the outside frame. The face of the fountain, which is constantly covered by running water, has no rust at all.

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