New Photo Etching Thread

OK, so I decided to try creating a new thread to see if posting info on it would be easier.

I just looked into photo etching not too long ago, so I'm no expert and won't offer much advice but here are some sites I found on the subject.

This is a site dedicated to electro etching, I emailed him with questions and he was very helpful and friendly. He'd probably know what the heck is going on.

Another site on electroetching

Here is a site with resists in case that is the problem

Hope these help

From reading your last post, it sounds like there is some issue with the dpi from the image file to the printed output. If the image was printing out at 600 dpi instead of 150 would you end up with the same problem?


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I have visited the sites you

I have visited the sites you mention and have been trying to electro etch using a battery charger which I thought would work. I haven't managed to etch a thing. I would like to etch copper using a simple resist using a metallic felt tip to draw. I can do this with ferric chloride and this resist holds up well. It is holding up well in the salt water too but so is the rest of the plate I am trying to etch.


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I got most of my info on

I got most of my info on electro-etching from those sites and from their links. There is also some useful information on the Caswell site (mainly related to the opposite, i.e. electroplating).

I scored a regulated power supply at a garage sale: The most important feature is that I can have a constant current pre-set.

The first thing that impressed me was how low voltage you need to get the necessary current. On my first attempt I had the current set too high and in half an hour I blasted right through the 0.006" brass plate in several places. In fact I am considering doing this on purpose to produce small brass letters and numbers to attach to my sundial faces.

All in all, I thought electro-etching gives much deeper etch in a shorter space of time than concentrated ferric chloride and it is less messy. What do you use as electrolyte? I use acidified copper sulphate bought from Lacy West in Vancouver. It is reusable and therefore economical.

I tried some steel, too, just in a saturated NaCl solution. It works but the resulting precipitate of ferrous hydroxide makes reusing the solution questionable. Maybe acidifying it will keep the ferrous ions in solution.

Anyway, I have put all that on hold until I sort out the computer problem.


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OK, I hope this ends up

OK, I hope this ends up where it is supposed to :-)
I am still struggling to understand what my computer and printer are doing. I shall investigate a bit more with the help of some of the comments on the other thread as well and I will post the outcome, probably on my original thread.

Thanks for being persistent in trying to help.