Random Image

Just wanted say thanks Enrique for the random image function at the bottom right that you installed with the other changes. I can't tell you how many times I've gone off on some investigative tangent because some cool looking image was peeking out while I was reading a thread. Now that i think about it, considering all of the shop time I've spent looking at these images instead of fabricating maybe I should rethink this thank you. :) Great addition, it rally keeps things fresh.


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Random Image

I second the notion. I love to explore those random images and they can draw me ever deeper into the fabric of this artscape.

Thanks, QuiQue!

Nic East, Jim Thorpe, PA USA Creativity begins with a novel thought.

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Your welcome guys! I too am

Your welcome guys! I too am enjoying the random images. Seems we have some very talented metal artists!

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I agree some of those random

I agree some of those random images got me as soon as I logged out I've found myself logging back in to comment...I think it's a nice touch. It gives all the work a chance to be seen.

~Jamie Santellano