Morph coffee tables

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Here are a few coffee tables I created over the past year or so. I called it the morph series. The starting point was based on "synergy", the idea of a number of small elements that when put together become stronger than sum of all of the pieces. I'm not sure if that ended up being true with these tables, but it was the start of the design process. I named the series Morph because it seemed that with one element or building block I could create any shape or volume. It almost became a challenge. I would think of a shape and then see if i could build it. As of yet, I've only made coffee tables , but I have a dining table in the design phase.

morph table 1 2nd viewmorph table 1 2nd view

morph table 2morph table 2

morph 3 - Hearts of Desire event auctionmorph 3 - Hearts of Desire event auction

Morph 4 - TurbulenceMorph 4 - Turbulence

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the "morph" series is

the "morph" series is great.

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The Morph Series

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I haven't been near a computer for a few days. Love your metal work. Especially "Turbulence"... Janet R.