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Soldering Thin Stainless Steel?


Hi all, I am working on a project and have to connect two thin pcs of 18 ga stainless steel together. the two pcs shown sit on top of one another to create a layered piece. I was originally going to secure the pieces to the base with fasteners, but the "stem" is only 3/32-1/8" wide in some places(which is where I would have to drill through to catch both pieces) and Im worried that my punch and drill skills might not be up to snuff for this.

Nice Big Surprise! Got to love Artmetal.


Hi all, been awhile since I've posted anything, but I've been lurking and seeing all of the great work that has been posted.

So, i was working on my books today when I heard a knock at the door. I open it to find this fella standing on my stoop asking me if I could twist some pipe for him for a job. I was a little startled because I don't get much walk in business and it took me a sec to get my brain going to answer his question. I then proceeded to tell him that I just didn't have the equipment to do it, but I knew a guy up in Washington that was twisting a lot of tubing. He looked at me and said "You mean Oregon?", which surprised me even more and got my curiosity revved up over what the heck was going on. Turns out it was the Twisting Master Jaybird himself on my back steps. He was driving through on his way back to Oregon from Ohio and decided to stop by to say hi. He couldn't stay long, but it was fantastic to get a chance to meet another Artmetalist face to face and chat for a bit. Probably a good thing he couldn't stay long, because he almost had me convinced to move to Portland, lol, but I look forward to a chance to sit and talk with him longer. Got to love the technology that allows us to make friends from all over the world.

Ripple Affect

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Hi all, just finished installing a sculpture up in Yankton, SD called Ripple Affect. It was for an annual call and was themed around the river that runs right by the town. This was the first project that I modeled in Rhino, and it still amazes me how much the setting affects the look of the sculpture. I was "large" in my shop, but looks tiny in the setting with the large trees. I definitely would have made this piece 2-3 times bigger if this was it's permanent home. Aside from making it bigger, I think the only thing i might have done differently would have been to stretch the rings out laterally, so there was more of a horizontal plane, but who knows. I'm always so critical right after a piece is done. The stems are made from mild steel with a rust patina, and the rings from 16ga stainless. I used a flapper disc finish making big loops around the ring so that the different passes would reflect the light differently adding to the effect of the water rippling out, it worked well, but you can't really see it in these picts.

Cruved Stair Case

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I finally got pictures of a railing I did a while back. This was my first curved stair railing, and maybe my toughest job to date due to the logistics involved. We were called in late in the construction process and had to build the railing onsite in a condo at the top of a 15 story building, above a brand new(and expensive) wood floor with electrical radiant heating elements underneath, amongst a baby grand piano, glass doored wine cellars at the bottom of the stairs, and half a dozen or so different subcontractors. Each picket probably weighs about 5-8 lbs and had a sharp point, so you can imagine my concern dropping one 15' onto a 3/8"-1/2" thick wood floor or having one slide down the stairs into the wine cellars. It eventually all worked out, but the hurdles involved with the location and coming in late on the job were quite the learning experience. Turned out nice though.

Aluminum Chandelier

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Hi all, I finally finished a chandelier I have been working on for a long time. It's 48" in Diameter and about 40" tall and is fabricated out of Aluminum tubing and sheet with the leaves created using Fold Forming and a custom made chain. Every single piece was custom made. It has dimming incandescent lights and blue LED lights on two different switches so you can vary the look. It was a huge learning experience figuring out how to create a light that looked great, could function as it was supposed to, and could be maintained/repaired without using a plasma torch, in fact, many pieces were made at least two times as i foresaw hurdles in replacing lights, wiring, etc. I can't wait to do another one, especially since I've muscled out most of the pitfalls.

New Work Installed - "Duel Aspirations"

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Hi all, it's been a while since I posted, but finally got another piece finished. Here are some picts of a sculpture I just installed yesterday in Kansas City called "Duel Aspirations". The piece is 12' tall and made from 12 ga sheet metal with a rust patina and stainless steel rods with a sandblast finish. The steel tower has 2 coats of Permalac, followed by a coat of Metal Oil. I'll go back and put another coat of metal oil on in a week or so, and then a few coats of wax.

Reaching Home

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Hi All, I just installed my latest sculpture "Reaching Home" and thought I'd share with you all. The site location is in front of the clients home off their driveway. The tree is curved/arched and that curve ends up pointing to the front door. I chose the name "Reaching Home" due to the fact that the tree looked like it was literally reaching for the home and the fact that when you pulled into the driveway you were "reaching home". The name seemed fitting to me.

Stile di Famiglia

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Hi all, here is some picts and info on the fork sculpture which got installed at the beginning of may.

Stile di Famiglia (Family Style)

After being short listed for this sculpture call in the Towns Little Italy development in Omaha NE, we were asked to come up with proposals that were distinctly Italian and represented the feel for the neighborhood, which seemed very fun, friendly, and in some ways close to each other, much like a family. I kept coming back to the idea of a big Italian family sitting around a table eating dinner, everyone talking about their life or how their week went, laughing and enjoying the company.

Fork Sculpture-Part 2

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Hi all, been a while since I've posted any work. We just installed the first half of the fork and spaghetti sculpture Monday and I got a couple of picts. Still need to put the finish on the bottom part of the fork and there is a decorative piece that goes on the front face of the fork handle. I used 14ga SS on this sculpture,as opposed to 12ga on the last one, over a structural framework and skeleton and kind of regretted it on the handle. For some reason the middle portion of the fork handle on the front side caved in between the skeleton, but just that 4' stretch and only on the front. The decorative piece will cover most of it up, but it's still annoying and I have absolutely know idea why it did it. I'm aware of stresses and all, but it should have done it on the back as well I would have thought.

Fork Scupture

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Hi All, thought I'd post something in response to Janet's prod. Sorry for not posting more, I'm so behind in my projects and in a bit of a funk to boot. Bad combination. A few month ago i posted a maquette of a fork and spaghetti sculpture for Little Italy in Omaha, NE. The project is a 13' fork twirling spaghetti out of stainless steel. The design was created in conjunction with an engineer and was designed to make the best use of materials/budget. Here are some progress picts.

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